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Agri Exam


Month: October 2017

Daily One Liner Questions-62 TOBACCO(2) & CASTOR

Farming questions and answers  Online study AGRONOMY TOBACCO(2) Questions Answer 1 Important practices in tobacco cultivation? ( ToppingDe-suckeringPriming 2 Removal of flower head either alone or with few top leaves from the plant known as? Topping 3 Remove of suckers from tobacco known as? De-suckering 4 Main aim of topping and de-suckering operations in tobacco field […]

Daily One Liner Questions-60 (Lentil)

Farming questions and answers  Online study Agronomy  Lentil Questions Answers 1 Botanical name? Lens esculenta 2 Family?( Leguminaceae 3 Chromosome number? 2n=14 4 Origin of lentil? India (Pre Meditarian) 5 Lentil grow in which season ? Rabi 6 Lentil plant are? Self pollinated, C3 and Long day plant 7 Protein present in lentil? Protein-25%Fat-1.8% Carbohydrate-60% […]

ICAR Universities/Bureau/Directorates/Research Centre/Institutions

AGRICULTURE INSTITUTIONS ICAR Institutions Central Agricultural Universities-3   Central Agricultural Universities Location (State) 1 Central Agricultural University Imphal (Manipur) 2 Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University Jhansi (UP) 3 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University Pusa,Samastipur (Bihar) Deemed Universities.-4 Deemed Universities Location 1 ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi 2 ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute Karnal(Haryana) […]

Daily One Liner Questions-58

Farming questions and answers  Online study Agronomy  Sunflowe Questions Answer 1 Botanical name? Helianthus annus 2 Family ?( Compositae/Asteraceae 3 Origin ? Mexico 4 Chromosome number? 2n=34 5 Germination of sunflower ? Epigeal 6 Sunflower plant are? Day neutral plant, C3,Cross Polinated,Protandrous 7 Sunflower in inflorescence (Head) known as ? Capitulum 8 Sunflower fruit known […]


Head of Different Department/Bored/Institute Related to Agriculture Pioneer of Agriculture Department/Institute/Board Head Minister of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare Radha Mohan Singh Minister of state for agriculture( Mrt. Krishna RajShri Gajendra ShekhawatPurushottam rupala Minister of chemical and fertilizer Ananth Kumar Minister of rural development and Panchayati Raj Shri Narendra Singh Tomar Minister of food processing industries […]

Major crop producing state and country

Online study resources, ways to study better Largest three producing state of important crops during 2015-16 Crop 1st 2nd 3rd Rice West Bengal  (15.10%) Uttar Pradesh  (11.99%) Punjab  (11.33%) Wheat Uttar Pradesh  (28.74%) Madhya Pradesh  (18.92%) Punjab  (17.20%) Maize  ( Karnataka (14.99%) Madhya Pradesh  (11.83%) Bihar  (10.99%) Total Course Cereals  Rajasthan (15.57%) Karnataka (15.04%) Madhya Pradesh (10.09%) Total pulses […]

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