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Pea Plant questions and answers

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Pea Plant

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1 Botanical name Garden pea- Pisum sativum var. hortensField pea- Pisum sativum var. arvense
2 Family?( Leguminaceae
3 Chromosome number ? 2n=14
4 Origin of Pea ? Ethiopia
5 Germination of pea ? Hypogeal
6 Pea plant are? Self Pollinated, C3 & Day Neutral Plant
7 Protein % in pea ? 22.5%
8 Fat % in pea ? 1.8 %
9 Carbohydrate % in pea ? 62.1%
10 Pea fruit known as ? Pod
11 Pea Flower known as ? Kheel
12 Shelling percent in pea ? 49%
13 Which is the most suitable crop for Canning? Pea
14 Seed rate of pea?( 80-100kg/ha(For vegetable 100-120kg/ha)
15 Gregor Mendel work on which crop? Pea

Pea Plant

Questions Answers
16 Ideal temperature for Pea production? Germination 22°CGrowth 13-18°C
17 Fertilizer dose for Pea (N:P:K:S)? 20:60:40:10
18 Pea also known as? Queen of pulses
19 Famous varieties of Pea are?( Arkel, T-19,Early December,


Jawahar, Aparna, 

Harbhajan, Malviya

20 Pea varieties suitable for vegetable are? Pant UpaharMadhu


21 Pea variety suitable for pulse making are ? Swarna RekhaHans


22 Major diseases of Pea field ? Powdery mildew



Major insect pest of pea?
Stem flyPod borer


24 Powdery mildew resistant variety of pea?
Rachna,Arka Ajit,


Pea maturity measured by?
26 Pea production in 2016-17? 53.45Lakh/tonnes
27 Sowing area of pea in 2016-17? 5.30Lakh/ha
28 Major pea producing state of India ? UP (46%)
29 Pea showing area out of total swing are? 4.6%
30 Pea production out of total vegetable production ? 2.4%
31 Which Pea suitable for vegetable? Garden pea(Table pea)
32 Which Pea suitable for pulse making? Field pea
33 Mars spot on Pea due to deficiency of? Mn a Batter Study Place For Agriculture Students

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  1. Really nice of u Agri exam good questions are discussed here

  2. Sir marsh spot on pea is due to deficiency of Mn not Mg

  3. ok, i understand seed rate = 80-100kg/ha for field pea & 80-100kg/ha for garden pea.

  4. Sir please provide us relative humidity of various crops

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