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Lentils Daily One Liner Questions-60

Lentils questions and answers

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  Questions Answers
1 Botanical name? Lens esculenta
2 Family?


3 Chromosome number? 2n=14
4 Origin of lentil? India (Pre Meditarian)
5 Lentil grow in which season ? Rabi
6 Lentil plant are? Self pollinated, C3 and Long day plant
7 Protein present in lentil? Protein-25%
8 Suitable climate for lentil? Cold
9 Suitable soil for lentil? Loamy
10 Seed rate of lentil ? 30-40kg
11 Depth of sowing lentil seed ? 2-3cm
12 Ideal fertilizer dose for lentil (NPK)? 20:60:40


Questions Answers
13 Germination in lentil? Hypogeal
14 Sowing time for lentil? 15Oct.-15 Nov.
15 Famous varieties of lentil are?
Pant L-629, 
T-36, Garima,
BL 406, Shivalika
16 Which lentil variety suitable for flood affected areas ? Pusa-6
17 Major diseases of lentil? Wilt
Powdery mildewDowny mildew
18 Major insect pest of lentil? Semilooper
Pod borer
19 Major lentil producing country is? India
20 Major lentil producing state of India? Madhya Pradesh
21 Suitable temperature for lentil growth? 18-30°C
22 Lentil rich in?
23 Whenever lentil is cultivated after rice which micro-nutrient deficiency appear in crop ? Zinc


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