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Agri Exam

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Month: September 2017

Agriculture Competition Question One Liner Question 32

Agriculture Articles

Agriculture Competition Question For Competitive Exams Agriculture Competition Question   Questions Answer 1 India’s first digital flower auction( नीलामी) Center is located in ? Bangalore 2 Which element is essential for hypothesis of water ? Chlorine 3 Techniques of extended shelf life of produce is ? Preservation 4 Leaves of azolla have the colonies of ? […]

Animal Husbandry Information One Liner Question 31

Agriculture Articles

Animal Husbandry Information for all agricultural exams   Animal Husbandry Information (Animal Husbandry & Dairy Science)   Questions Answer 1 “Military dairy farm” started in  ? 1889 (Allahabad) 2 “National livestock mission” launched in   ? 2014-15 3 “Doodh Basti” started in ?AgriExam.Com 1946 (Mumbai) 4 “Key Village scheme” started in ? 1950-52 5 “Milk and […]

Agriculture and Economy One Liner Questions 30

Agriculture Articles

Agriculture and Economy Questions for all agricultural exams Agriculture and Economy (Agricultural Economics Questions)   Questions Answer 1 Economics of agriculture is known as ?AgriExam.Com Agro-economics 2 “National Cooperative Union of India” was established in the year  ? 1929 3 National Cooperative development and warehousing board was established in the year ? 1956 4 National Cooperative Development “Corporation” […]

Agricultural Extension Education One Liner Question 28

Agriculture Articles

Agricultural Extension Education for all agricultural exams Agricultural Extension Education   Questions Answer 1 Who was the first secretary of ICAR ?  Mr A.S. Hydari 2 First agriculture minister of independent India ?(After first general election 1951) Mr. Rafi Ahmed Kidwai 3 Khadi and village Commission was established in ? AgriExam.Com 1957 4 Nehru Yuva Kendra […]

College of Horticulture Exam One Liner Question-27

Agriculture Articles

College of Horticulture Questions for agricultural exams Horticulture   College of Horticulture Exam Question   Questions Answer 1 India’s first food and vegetable processing industry was established at ? Mumbai (1935) 2 India’s first fruit Preservation and Canning Institute was established at ? Lucknow (1949) 3 Central Food Technological Research Institute(CFTRI) was established at ? Mysore (1950) […]

Agriculture School Question One Liner Question-26

Agriculture Articles

Agriculture School Question Useful for all agricultural exams General agriculture Agriculture School Question   Questions Answer 1 “Amul Dairy” established in which year ? 1946 2 Outstanding performance or achievements in Horticulture or fruit growing which award given by National horticulture board ? Udyan Pandit award 3 Which sprayer is best for Garden ? Foot […]

Agricultural Statistical Data One Liner Question-25

Agriculture Articles

Useful for all agricultural exams Agricultural Statistical Data (3) Source:-Agriculture pocket book-2016  (Ministry of Agriculture and farmers welfare)   Questions Answer 1 Total electricity consumption in India  (2014-15) ? 814250 GWh 2 Total electricity consumption for agricultural purpose in India (2014-15) ? 168913 GWh 3 % share of Agricultural consumption to total consumption of electricity (2014-15) ? 20.74% 4 […]

Bioinformatics Plant Breeding and Genetics One Liner Question-24

Agriculture Articles

Bioinformatics for all agricultural exams Bioinformatics (Plant Breeding and Genetics Questions)    Questions  Answers 1 Father of genetics ? Gregor Mendel 2 The Book “Micrographia” written by ? Robbert hooke 3 The first generation progeny of hybrid is called  ? Segregate 4 What is the means of germplasm ? A collection of genetic material 5 The process […]

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