Bioinformatics Plant Breeding and Genetics One Liner Question-24

Bioinformatics for all agricultural exams

Bioinformatics Plant Breeding and Genetics One Liner Question-24

Bioinformatics (Plant Breeding and Genetics Questions)

   Questions  Answers
1 Father of genetics ? Gregor Mendel
2 The Book “Micrographia” written by ? Robbert hooke
3 The first generation progeny of hybrid is called  ? Segregate
4 What is the means of germplasm ? A collection of genetic material
5 The process of observation of alien material ? Quarantine
6 A fruit which developed from an inflorescence is called ? Composite fruit
7 Gene Bank of wheat is situated at ? Karnal
8 Cybrid is a cytoplasmic hybrid formed by ? Cell fusion
9 Single strand DNA virus is ?AgriExam.Com Bacteriophage
10 Which is the site of protein synthesis  ? Ribosome
11 RNA synthesis is in which organ ? Nucleolus
12 Minimum “Isolation distance” for wheat, Barley, Rice, Groundnut and soybean Foundation seed ? 3 meter
13 Which type of cell found in bacteria and BGA ? Prokaryotic cell
14 The crossing of F1 with one of its parents is called ? Back Cross
15 Crossing of F1 with of its recessive parent is called ?
Test Cross

Bioinformatics Plant Breeding and Genetics

Questions Answer
16 Quickest method of plant breeding is ? Mutation
17 Mutation first Defined by ? Hugo De vries
18 Suddenly heritable changes in the characters of organism are called ? Mutation
19 “Cell Theory” given by ?AgriExam.Com Scheleiden and Schwann (1839)
20 “Germ Plasm” theory given by ? Weisman (1889)
21 DNA double helix structure given by ? Watson and Crick (1953)
22 One gene one enzyme hypothesis ? beadle and Tatum (1914)
23 Genetic male sterility found in Which crop Pigeon pea
24 A hybrid always ? Heterozygous
25 The main source of male sterility in sorghum Tift-60
26 The main source of male sterility in Bajara Tift-23 A
27 The lines are homozygous and homogeneous in nature called as ? Pure line
28 Banana inflorescence is known as ?AgriExam.Com Spadix
29 The process of Development fruit without fertilization is called ? Parthenocarpy
30 Which is the first inter-genetic cross made by Rimpu in1890 ? Triticale

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  1. Bacteria are prokaryotic cells; fungi, protozoa, algae, plants, and animals are composed of eukaryotic cells. 7. Viruses are not cells so they are neither prokaryotic nor eukaryotic. They can replicate only inside a living cell.

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