Agriculture and Economy One Liner Questions 30

Agriculture and Economy Questions for all agricultural exams

Economic Journal (Agricultural Economics Questions)

Agriculture and Economy (Agricultural Economics Questions)

  Questions Answer
1 Economics of agriculture is known as ?AgriExam.Com Agro-economics
2 “National Cooperative Union of India” was established in the year  ? 1929
3 National Cooperative development and warehousing board was established in the year ? 1956
4 National Cooperative Development “Corporation” was established in the year ? 1963
5 National agricultural Cooperative marketing federation of India Limited was started in the year  ? 1958
6 Central warehousing Corporation was started in the year ? 1957
7 Food Corporation of India was started in the year ? 1965
8 Vegetable oil products Act was passed in the year  ? 1975
9 Directorate of marketing and inspection located at  ? Faridabad 1935
10 Food product order Act was passed in the year ? 1956
11 Single Window system was recommended by  ? Mohan kanda
12 Money supply in economy is regulated by ? RBI
13 Agro-Economic Research Centre (AERC) is located at ? Visakhapatnam (AP)
14 The cost of production of the crop can be minimized by using which economic principle ? Least cost combination
15 The supply of money comes under the concept?AgriExam.Com Stock concept

Agriculture and Economy (Agricultural Economics Questions)

Questions Answer
16 The first regulated karanjia cotton market established in? 1986
17 The term social Accounting in economics was first introduced by ? J.R. Hicks
18 The concept of supply creates its own demand was given by ? J.B. Say
19 The price at which demand equal to supply is known as ? Equilibrium price
20 An Apex Institute at all India level in the field of rural credit and agricultural credit ? 


21 Unlimited supply of labour theory was given by  ? Arthur Lewis
22 Best use of land better marketing and better Management are the features of  ? Specialized farming
23 Demand of Agricultural Products is relatively ? More inelastic
24 Export Import Bank of India was set up on ? 1st January 1982
25 Wheat and Dairy are called as? Complementary products
26 Wheat grain and straw are commonly called as ? Competitive products
27 Prevention of Food Adulteration Act was introduced in the year ? 1954
28 Risk in agriculture is minimum in ? Diversified farming
29  The birth place of cooperative credit Movement in the world? Germany
30 Agmark is related with ?

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