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Agriculture School Question General Agriculture One Liner-15

Agriculture School Question Useful for all agricultural exams

Agriculture School Question

General agriculture

Agriculture School Question

 Questions Answer
1“Amul Dairy” established in which year ?1946
2Outstanding performance or achievements in Horticulture or fruit growing which award given by National horticulture board ?Udyan Pandit award
3Which sprayer is best for Garden ?Foot sprayer
4“Advanced In Agronomy” published from ?USA (First in 1949)
5In India “Van Mahotsav” started by? AgriExam.Com K. M. Munshi (former agriculture minister)
6Which instrument used for measuring plant height ?Hypsometer
7“Food and Agriculture Organization” established in which year ?1945 (Rome Italy)
8Which crop known as boneless meat ?Soybean
9“Fertilizer control order” passed in ?1985
10Study of Clouds is called ?Nephology
11In rainy water content of CO2 ?0.45%
12Fat percent in plastic cream ?80%
13In banana ripe fruit sugar content is ?27%
14Harvest index in Pulses ? AgriExam.Com0.2-0.3
15Harvest index in cereals ?0.4-0.5
Agriculture School Question
 Questions Answer
16Blue level of warning on insecticide show ?Moderate toxic
17Fibroin structural protein found in ?Silk
18Elastin structural protein found in ?Insect wings
19Proteins that contain non-amino acid is called ?Conjugated proteins
20Protein that contain protein and sugar unit is called ?Glycoprotein
21Protein that contain protein and lipids is called ? Lipoproteins
22Which chemical used for prevention of colourless food product ? KMS
23The energy currency of the cell is ?ATP
24One molecule of ATP ? AgriExam.Com7.6 kcal
25One FADH2 will produce ?2 ATP
26One NADH2 will produce ?3 ATP
27The “Farmers Friend” earthworm has how many eyes ?0 pair
28Wilt of Arhar easily controlled by ?Crop rotation
29Penicillin is obtained from? AgriExam.ComFungi
30Instrument used for measuring plant height ?Hypsometer


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  1. Plz sir ,conform me how many pair of eyes in earthworm

  2. earthworm have no eye

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