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Agricultural Statistical Data One Liner Question-25

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Agricultural Statistical Data

Agricultural Statistical Data (3)

Source:-Agriculture pocket book-2016 
(Ministry of Agriculture and farmers welfare)
 Questions Answer
1Total electricity consumption in India  (2014-15) ?814250 GWh
2Total electricity consumption for agricultural purpose in India (2014-15) ?168913 GWh
3% share of Agricultural consumption to total consumption of electricity (2014-15) ?20.74%
4Total number of tractor sales in 2015-16 ?5470150
5Total number of Power trailer sales in 2015-16 ?477780
6Per-capita net availability of rice ?AgriExam.Com67.9 kg/year
7Per-capita net availability of wheat ?61.3 kg/year
8Per-capita net availability of cereals ?153.8 kg/year
9Per-capita net availability of Gram ?4.5 kg/year
10Per-capita net availability of total pulse ?16 kg/year
11Per-capita net availability of food grains ?169.8 kg/year
12Total value of national imports 2015-16  ?₹ 2490298.08 crore
13Total value of Agricultural imports in 2015-16 ?₹ 140288.69 crore
14% share of Agricultural import in total National imports ?(2015-16) 5.63%
15Total value of national Exports ? (2015-16) AgriExam.Com₹ 1716378.05 crore

Agricultural Statistical Data

Questions Answer
16Total value of Agricultural export in 2015-16 ?₹ 215395.68 crore
17% share of Agricultural export in total National export ?(2015-16)12.55%
18Which Agricultural commodity import maximum (value) in 2015-16 ?AgriExam.ComVegetable oil ( ₹ 68676.62 crore)
19Which Agricultural commodity Exports maximum (value) in 2015-16 ?Marine Products (₹ 31219.43 crore)
20India’s share in World agricultural commodity Exports 2015 ?2.2% (10th rank)
21India’s share in World agricultural commodity Import 2015 ?1.6% (8th rank)
22Total geographical area in India ?329 million hectare
23India share in globally total geographical area ?2.4%
24India’s rank in total geographical area ?7th
25Total area of arable land in India ?156 Million hectare
26India share in globally arable land ?11%
27India’s rank in total arable land ?2nd (after USA)
28India’s share in world population ?AgriExam.Com17.8 % (2nd rank)
29India’s rank globally​ in production of cereal ?3rd (10.5%)
30India’s rank globally​ in production of Pulse ?1st  (25.8%)
Updated: 2019-06-08 — 8:53 am

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