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Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Questions & Answers Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services For Agricultural Exams ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, IFFCO, NFL and Others Competitive Exam Questions Answers 1 What is the mean of ration? ( It is allowance feed given to animal for a period of 24 hours. 2 Roughages are the feed […]

Us Agriculture One Liner Questions-69

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Us Agriculture Questions & Answers Online Study Us Agriculture One Liners Questions   Questions Answer 1  Bakanae disease (Foolish Seedling) in rice plants is caused by? Fungus Gibberella fujikuroi 2  Which is the most irrigated state in india? Haryana. 3  Gurgaon project is associated with which person? F.L. Brain. 4 Krishi vigyan Kendra (KVK) […]

Milk Production situation in India

Indian Milk Production  Milk production increased by 18.81% in 2016-17, compared to 2013-14 Per capita availability of milk increased from 307 gm/day in 2013-14 to 351 gm/day in 2016-17 India is the ‘Oyster’ of the global dairy industry with opportunities galore for the entrepreneurs globally. Since last 15 years, India continues to be the largest […]

Animal Husbandry Information One Liner Question 31

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Animal Husbandry Information for all agricultural exams   Animal Husbandry Information (Animal Husbandry & Dairy Science)   Questions Answer 1 “Military dairy farm” started in  ? 1889 (Allahabad) 2 “National livestock mission” launched in   ? 2014-15 3 “Doodh Basti” started in ?AgriExam.Com 1946 (Mumbai) 4 “Key Village scheme” started in ? 1950-52 5 “Milk and […]