Month: January 2019

Plant Disease List Pathogen

Plant Disease List PathogenFor All Competitive Exams Rice Disease Pathogen 1 Blast (Rotten neck) Pyricularia oryzae 2 Bacterial leaf blight (BLB) Xanthomonas 3 Brown leaf spot Helminthosporium oryzae 4 Khaira disease Zinc deficiency oryzae 5 Bakanae/ Foot rot disease Gibberella fujikuroi 6 Pan Sukh Dry physiological disease 7 Sheath blight Rhizoctonia solani 8 Tungro disease Rice Tungro virus […]

Agriculture Quick Study Table

Agriculture Quick Study Table Classification of cotton fiber on the basis of length Type  Length (MM) 1 Short 20.0 and below 2 Medium 20.5 to 24.5 3 Medium Long 25.0 to 27.0 4 Long 27.5 to 32.0 5 Extra Long 32.5 and above Farmer Type  Area (ha) 1 Marginal <1 2 Small 1-2 3 Semi […]

Agriculture Field Officer 2017

Agriculture Field Officer 2017 Agriculture Field Officer 2017 Memory based Questions     Questions Answer 1 Hen required how much sq/ft as per NABARD norms? – 1sq ft. 2 Shallow depth consist of which of the following ?AgriExam.Com 5-10 Cm 3 The method in which seed is sown and closed by soil in an regular […]

Indian Fisheries Sector data

Indian Fisheries Sector Indian fisheries and aquaculture important sector food production, nutritional availability, contributing in agricultural exports and engaging approx 14 million people in different activities. fisheries sector contributes 1.1% in GDP and 5.15% in agricultural GDP.   Indian Fisheries  Global position 3rd in Fisheries 2nd in Aquaculture  Contribution of Fisheries to GDP (%) 1.07  Contribution to […]

Agricultural Growth Development In Agriculture

Agricultural Growth Year Growth  in Agriculture Field 70 million years ago  Trees evolved 40 million years.ago  Monkeys & apes evolved 10 million years ago  Dogs were domesticate in Iraq 8700B.C.  Sheeps were domesticated in Iraq 7700B.C.  Goats were domesticated in Iraq 7500B.C.  Invention of polished stone implements, cultivation of crops like wheat & barley in middle east. […]

Vacancy in National Seeds Corporation Limited

Vacancy in National Seeds Corporation Limited Vacancy in National Seeds Corporation Post Name Management Trainee / Sr. Trainee / Diploma Trainee / Trainee / Trainee Mate  Total No. Of Post 264 Registration Start Date 19.01.2019 Last Date for Registration 09.02.2019 Exam Date 24.03.2019 Job Location All India Age Limit Maximum 27 Year Management Trainees Rs. […]

Largest Crop Producing States In India

Largest Crop Producing States In India Three Largest Producing States of Important Crops during 2016-17 Production: Million Tonnes I. Foodgrains Rice States Production % Share in All India Production West Bengal 15.09 13.70 Uttar Pradesh 12.95 11.76 Punjab 11.03 10.01 All – India 110.15 100.00 Wheat Uttar Pradesh 30.06 30.55 Madhya Pradesh 17.94 18.24 Punjab 16.44 […]


AGRICULTURAL LAND-USE STATISTICS  Agricultural Land by use in India (In Million Hectares) S.No. Classification 2000-01 2014-15 I. Geographical Area 328.73 328.73 II. Reporting Area for Land Utilisation Statistics 305.19 307.82 1. Forest 69.84 71.79 2. Not Available for Cultivation (A+B) 41.23 43.88 (A) Area Under Non-agricultural Uses 23.75 26.88 (B) Barren & Un-culturable Land 17.48 […]