Agricultural Growth Development In Agriculture

Agricultural Growth

Agricultural Growth

Year Growth  in Agriculture Field
70 million years ago  Trees evolved
40 million years.ago  Monkeys & apes evolved
10 million years ago  Dogs were domesticate in Iraq
8700B.C.  Sheeps were domesticated in Iraq
7700B.C.  Goats were domesticated in Iraq
7500B.C.  Invention of polished stone implements, cultivation of crops like wheat & barley in middle east.
6000B.C.  Cattle and pigs where domesticated in middle east
4400B.C.  Maize was cultivated in Mexico
3500B.C.  Potato was grown in south America
3000B.C.  Bronze used for make tools in middle east
2900B.C.  Plough was used in middle east
2700B.C.  Silk moth was domesticated in China
2300B.C.  Poultry, buffalo & elephant were domesticated in Indus valley.
2200B.C.  Rice cultivation started in India
1800B.C.  Ragi cultivation started in Karnataka (India)
1780B.C.  Kulthi (Dolichus biflorus) was cultivated in Karnataka
1725B.C.  Jowar (Sorghum) cultivation started in Rajasthan
1700B.C.  Horse husbandry started in Central Asia
1500B.C.  Irrigation from wells started.

In Madhya Pradesh Pulses (Green and Black gram) were cultivated 
Cultivation of Barley & Sugarcane started in India. 

1400 B.C.  Iron used in Middle east
1000–1600 B.C.  Iron ploughs used first tine
15 century A.D. Cultivation of sweet orange, wild brinjal, pomegranate sour orange
16 century A.D.  Introduction of crops in India from papaya, pineapple, guava, custard apple, American cotton, rubber, Portuguese  potato, groundnut, cashew nut, tobacco, sweet potato, cassava, tomato, chillies, pumpkin

Agricultural Growth

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