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Plant Disease List Pathogen

Plant Disease List Pathogen

Plant Disease List PathogenFor All Competitive Exams


Disease Pathogen
1 Blast (Rotten neck) Pyricularia oryzae
2 Bacterial leaf blight (BLB) Xanthomonas
3 Brown leaf spot Helminthosporium oryzae
4 Khaira disease Zinc deficiency
5 Bakanae disease Gibberella fujikuroi
6 Pan Sukh Dry physiological disease
7 Sheath blight Rhizoctonia solani
8 Tungro disease Rice Tungro virus
9 Grassy stunt Viral
10 Yellow dwarf Due to Fungi ‘Ephelis oryzae’


Disease Pathogen
1 Brown / leaf rusts Puccinia recondita tritici
2 Yellow or stripe rust Puccinia striiformis
3 Black /stem rust (Killer disease) Puccinia graminis tritici
4 Karnal bunt (Cancer) Neovossia indica
5 Loose smut Ustilago nuda tritici
6 Powdery mildew Erysiphe graminis tritici
7 Tundu disease /sehu/yellow ear rot disease Corynebacterium tritici+Anguina tritici
8 Flag smut Urocystis tritici
9 Hill bunt Tilletia foetida carie
10 Ear-cockle Anguina tritici

Pearl Millet 

Disease Pathogen
1 Downy mildew/ green ear disease Sclerospora graminicola
2 Ergot Claviceps fusiformis
3 Smut Tolyposporium penicillariae


Disease Pathogen
1 White bud of maize Zn deficiency
2 Charcoal rot Macrophomina phaseoli
3 Seed Rot / Seedling Blight Pythium aphanidermatum
4 Smut Ustilago Maydis


Disease Pathogen
1 Covered smut Ustilago Hordei
2 Loose smut Ustilago nuda
3 Powdery mildew Erysiphe graminis var. hardei


Disease Pathogen
1 Downy mildew Sclerospora soghi
2 Grain smut Sphacelotheca sorghi
3 Leaf rust Puccinia purpurea
4 Head smut Sphacelotheca reiliana
5 Long smut Tolyposporium ehrenbergii

Plant Disease List Pathogen


Disease Pathogen
1 Fusarium wilt Fusarium Oxysporium f.v.cicri
2 Ascochyta blight Ascochyta rabiei


Disease Pathogen
1 Fusarium wilt Fusarium oxysporiun f. sp. udum
2 Sterility mosaic Sterility mosaic


Disease Pathogen
1 Yellow mosaic Yellow mosaic virus


Disease Pathogen
1 Tikka disease Cercospora personata & C. arachidicola
2 Collar rot & Dry root rot  Aspergillus niger


Disease Pathogen
1 White rust blister Albugo candida
2 Alternaria blight Alternaria brassicae
3 Downy mildew Peronospora brassicae


Disease Pathogen
1 Red rot Colletotrichum falcatum
2 Grassy shot of sugarcane Mycoplasma
3 Smut Ustilago scitaminea
4 Red stripe Xanthomonas rubriliens
5 Gummosis Xanthomonas vasculorum

Plant Disease List Pathogen


Disease Pathogen
1 Late blight Phytophthora infestans
1 Late blight Phytophthora infestans
2 Early blight Alternaria solani
3 Black scurf Rhyzoctonia solani
4 Wart Synchytrium endobioticum
5 Black heart Due to oxygen starvation
6 Scab Streptomyces scabies


Disease Pathogen
1 Phyllody Mycoplasma


Disease Pathogen
1 Bacterial blight/angular leaf spot/black arm Xanthomonas malvacearum
2 Tirak/bad opening of bolls Physiological disorder
3 Fusarium walt F. monilliform sp. vasinectum
4 Stenosis/small leaf Virus


Disease Pathogen
1 Late blight and early blight Fungal disease
 (Same as Potato)
2 leaf curl Viral
3 Blossom end rot Ca deficiency
4 Fruit cracking  Boron deficiency


Disease Pathogen
1 Phomopsis blight/fruit rot Phomopsis vexan
2 Little leaf of brinjal Mycoplasma


Disease Pathogen
1 Damping off Pythium Aphanidermatum /phytophora sp.
2 Anthracnose/ripe rot die back Collectotrichum capsici
3 Leaf curl Viral


Disease Pathogen
1 White Rust Blister Aldugo Candida
2 Browning of cauliflower Boron deficiency
3 Whiptail of cauliflower Mo deficiency
4 Club-root (finger & toe disease) Plasmodiphora brassicae


Disease Pathogen
1 Panama wilt Fusarium oxysporium
2 Bunchy top Virus
3 Vector is aphid Pentalonia Nigronervosa


Disease Pathogen
1 Citrus canker Xanthomonas compestris
2 Die-back / wither tip Collectotrichum gloeosporiodides
3 Gummosis Phytophthora palmivora
4 Greening Caused mycoplasma
5 Tristeza Viral

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