Indian Fisheries Sector data

Indian Fisheries Sector

Indian Fisheries SectorIndian fisheries and aquaculture important sector food production, nutritional availability, contributing in agricultural exports and engaging approx 14 million people in different activities. fisheries sector contributes 1.1% in GDP and 5.15% in agricultural GDP.  
Indian Fisheries
 Global position
3rd in Fisheries 2nd in Aquaculture
 Contribution of Fisheries to GDP (%)
 Contribution to Agril. GDP (%)
 Per capita fish availability (Kg.)
 Annual Export earnings (Rs. In Crore)
 Employment in sector (million)
 Coastline 8129 kms
 Exclusive Economic Zone 2.02 million sq. km
 Continental Shelf 0.506 million sq. km
 Rivers and Canals 1,91,024 km
 Reservoirs 3.15 million ha
 Ponds and Tanks 2.35 million ha
 Oxbow lakes and derelict waters 1.3 million ha
 Brackishwaters 1.24 million ha
 Estuaries 0.29 million ha
Some Facts
 Present fish Production 6.4 mmt
 Inland 3.4 mmt
 Marine 3.0 mmt
 Potential fish production 8.4 mmt
 Fish seed production 21,000 million fry
 Hatcheries 1,070
 FFDA 422
 BFDA 39

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