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Plant Disease (Plant Pathology) One Liners (5)

Plant Disease (Plant Pathology) Agriculture ExamPlant Disease (Plant Pathology)

Plant Disease (Plant Pathology)


Read Crops Disease & Pathogen – Open

Vector of leaf curl disease in Cotton? White flies
The vector of sterility mosaic of pigeonpea? Mite (Aceria cajani)
Vector for bud necrosis of groundnut is?Thrips
The vector of Tungro disease?Green leaf hopper
Yellow vein mosaic of okra is transmitted through? White flies
Leaf curl disease of tobacco is caused by virus and it is transmitted by?  White flies
Leaf curl of tomato is spread by? White flies
Potato virus diseases are spread by?Aphids
Most destructive disease of sugarcane is? Red rot of sugarcane
Most serious disease of rose?Die back
Most dangerous disease of Potato? Late blight
 The most serious smut among the smuts affecting sorghum is?Grain Smut 
The serious disease of papaya? Damping off
Leaf spot of groundnut is also known as? Tikka disease
Early leaf spot of groundnut is caused by? Cercospora arachidicola
Late leaf spot of groundnut is caused by? Cercospora parsonata
Mango malformation is common in? North-West India
Disease which was discovered in Haryana? Karnal bunt
Downy mildew of grape vine is controlled by? Bordeaux mixture
The pathogen associated with the discovery of Bordeaux mixture is? Plasmosphora viticola
Root knot disease of tobacco is effective controlled by?Carbofuran
Loose smut of wheat can be controlled by seed treatment with?Vitavax
Rice blast is effectively controlled by spraying of?Edifenphos
Khaira disease of rice is controlled by spraying?Zinc sulphate (5 kg)+ lime (2.5 kg/ha) in 10 days nursery

Plant Disease (Plant Pathology)

Which pathogen caused heavy losses to wine industry in France due to its epidemics in 1875?Plasmopara viticola
The disease responsible for the great Bengal famine in 1942-43? AgriExam.ComBrown spot of rice
A disease caused by mercury(Hg) poisoning of water at Japan in 1953?Minamata
In 1892 first showed that tobacco mosaic disease is caused by a filterable agent?Iwanowski
Late blight of potato was introduced in India for first-time in?Nilgiri–hills
The late blight disease destroy the potato crop of Ireland in1845
Which potato disease causes Irish famine (1845)?Late blight

Plant Disease (Plant Pathology)

Bacterial rot of wheat ears is also known as? Spike blight /Tundu/ Yellow slime disease
The tundu disease of wheat is usually associated with nematode known as?Anguina tririci
Grain Smut of sorghum is also known as? Covered /Kernel/ Shoot smut
A cabbage disease which is known to be more severe in acidic soils is? Black rot
The most destructive phase of the bacterial blight of rice is known as?Kresek
Poor man’s disease of rice? AgriExam.ComBacterial leaf blight (Xanthomonas oryzae)
Dead heart and white ear disease is related to?Rice
Killer disease of rice are?Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB) and Tungro virus
Leaf curl and mosaic of papaya is caused by?Virus
Black heart of potato is caused by?Poor ventilation in storage (lock of oxygen)
Phyllody disease in plants is caused by? Mycoplasma
The main symptom of Tungro disease of rice?Yellowing of leaves
Little leaf of citrus is caused by? MLO,s
Grassy shoot disease of Sugarcane is caused by? Mycoplasma

kresek in rice is caused by?

Xanthomonas oryzae

Plant Disease (Plant Pathology)

The wilt of cotton is? Seed and Soil borne
Grain and Head smuts are? Seed borne disease
Wilt disease is a? Soil borne disease
Bacterial blight disease is? Internally seed borne
The air borne disease of rice?Rice Blast  (Pyricularia oryzae)
The brown spot of rice is?Externally seed borne disease
The soil borne disease of rice?Sheath blight of rice (Rhizoctonia oryzae)
The tuber borne disease of potato?Black scurf (Rhizoctonia solani)
Loose smut of wheat is a?Internally seed borne disease
The soil, air and seed borne disease of wheat?Kernal bunt (Neovossia indica)
Mottle leaf of citrus is due to deficiency of?Zinc
Pahala blighted s.cane is caused due to deficiency of?Mn
heart rot of sugar beat is caused by Deficiency of?Boron
Top sickness of tobacco is caused by Deficiency of?Boron
Khaira disease of rice is caused by deficiency of?Zinc
Akiochi disease of rice is due to toxicity of?Sulphur 

Deficiency of Nutrient

Causes Diseases/Symptoms

  • Buttoning in cauliflower
  • Sickle leaf disease.
  • Scorching and burning of leaves.
  • Tip hooking/burning in Cauliflower
  • Blossom end rot in tomato and Ber
  • Sand drawn disease of Tobacco.
  • Tea yellow disease.
  • White eye of Paddy
  • Leaf bleaching in Sugarcane
  • Water core in Brassica
  • Marsh disease in Pea
  • Spotted yellow disease in Sugarbeet
  • Dieback and little leaf in Citrus
  • Reclaimation disease in cereals.
  • Yellow spot disorder in Citrus
  • Whiptail disease in Cauliflower
  • Little leaf in Brinjal and Mango
  • Bronzing in Guava
  • Khaira disease in Paddy
  • White bud in Maize
  • Internal necrosis in Aonla and Mango
  • Hen and Chicken disorder in Grape.
  • Browning in Cauliflower
  • Heat rot in Sugarbeet


Deficiency Disease
Vitavax & hot treatment is used for? Loose smut
Solar heat treatment is used to control? Loose smut of wheat
Sooty or charcoal like powdery mass usually appearing on floral organs particularly the ovary is? Smut
Ear showing honey dew symptoms is characteristic feature of? Grain smut of bajra
Smut disease infects the plant at? Tillering stage
Control of tundu disease is done by hot water treatment at ________ °C for _____ hours.?  50°C for 2 hours
Downy mildew disease can be effectively managed by spraying of?Metalaxyl
The pith of the red rot affected can emits? Rotten fish like smell
The main objective of field inspection is to examine? Disease incidence, Isolation distance and Off-types
Commonly used method for transfer of disease resistance from one variety to another variety? Back cross method
Kresek symptom found in? Bacterial blight
 A method for improving specific traits i.e. plant height, disease resistancy? Pedigree method
Complex disease in association with nematode? Yellow ear rot
Late planting of chickpea is done to protect the seedlings from??Wilt disease
 Molya disease resistant variety of barley is? RD 2052
Kresek symptom is found in?Bacterial blight
The disease resistance is governed by?Several genes
Which rust was earliest appeared in India on wheat? Brown/Orange/Leaf rust
Which stage of the wheat rust fungus is considered as the perfect stage ?  Telial stage
The foul smell of kernel bunt infected field is due to? Trimethyl-amine
Alternate host of black stem rust of wheat in India is? Berberries sp.
Deficiency Disease
Vitamin A deficiency causes?Night blindness
Deficiency of vitamin B1 causes?Beriberi
Deficiency of vitamin B2 causes?cracking
Vitamin B3 deficiency causes?Whiteness of hairs
Deficiency of vitamin B5 causes?Pellagra
Deficiency of vitamin B7 causes?Paralysis
Disease caused due to deficiency of vitamin B12? Pernicious anaemia
Vitamin C deficiency causes?Scurvy
Vitamin D deficiency causes?Rickets
Disease caused due to deficiency of vitamin E?Sterility
Disease caused due to deficiency of vitamin K? Coagulation of blood


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Updated: 2019-12-25 — 4:16 am


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