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IBPS afo 2018

IBPS-AFO 2018 Questions Answer 1 Highest yielding crop in the year 2015 16? Rice 2 Highest area crop in the year 2015 16? Rice 3 Which of the following is a temperate crop based on climate ? Wheat 4 Totapari is a variety of mango grown in which state? Karnataka 5 Ratna variety of mango […]

IBPS Agriculture Officer Question Paper 2016

Agriculture Officer Question Paper 2016 Memory Based you can mack pdf of this Question Paper . Professional Knowledge 50 Question In This Post

Agriculture Officer Question Paper 2016 Memory Based Agriculture Officer Question Paper 2016 ¬† Questions Answer 1 Indian Institute of pulses research is located¬†? Kanpur 2 National Research Centre for groundnut is located?( Junagarh 3 Dual purpose breed of cow in India? Hariyana 4 Highest percent of fat in buffalo breed? Bhadabari 5 Citrus cracking is […]

AFO 2012

Agriculture field officer Question paper 2012 Memory Based Question Questions Answer Glycolysis is known as ? EMP pathway “Cell Organiser” is ? Nucleolus Rice seed is known as ? Cariyopsis Paddy inflorescence is ? ( Panicle Fruit ripening hormone is ? Ethylene Hardness in Woody tissue due to ? Lignin International Rice Research Institute is […]

AFO 2013

Agriculture field officer   QUESTION PAPER 2013 Questions Answer 1 Total number of kvk in India?( 680 (current) 2 For larger size Seed which implement is used ? Planter 3 Indian Institute of soil and water conservation is situated? Dehradun 4 Groundwater level is measured by ? Piezometer 5 Pig breed famous for meat and […]

AFO 2014

Previous year paper Agriculture field officer2014 Friends in this article we will discuss previous year memory based question of agriculture field officer 2014 If you have any suggestion please comment on comment boxLet’s start…=> Relative humidity major by which instrument -psychrometer => What is the seed rate of winter pigeon pea -22-25 kg/ha  => Which crop […]

AFO 2015

Previous Year Paper  AGRICULTURE In this article we discuss previous year paper of agriculture field officer Its memory based question because this test is conducted online. And no official paper is provided for it. Questions Answer Area in minor irrigation ? 2000 hectare Olericulture related to ? Vegetable Depog method associate with ? Nursery preparation of […]

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