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Indian Fisheries Sector data

Indian Fisheries Sector Indian fisheries and aquaculture important sector food production, nutritional availability, contributing in agricultural exports and engaging approx 14 million people in different activities. fisheries sector contributes 1.1% in GDP and 5.15% in agricultural GDP.   Indian Fisheries  Global position 3rd in Fisheries 2nd in Aquaculture  Contribution of Fisheries to GDP (%) 1.07  Contribution to […]

Largest Crop Producing States In India

Largest Crop Producing States In India Three Largest Producing States of Important Crops during 2016-17 Production: Million Tonnes I. Foodgrains Rice States Production % Share in All India Production West Bengal 15.09 13.70 Uttar Pradesh 12.95 11.76 Punjab 11.03 10.01 All – India 110.15 100.00 Wheat Uttar Pradesh 30.06 30.55 Madhya Pradesh 17.94 18.24 Punjab 16.44 […]

Crop Production in India

Crop Production in India  Production  of  Foodgrains  As on: 26.09.2018 Million Tonnes In Last year IBPS-AFO Exam ask Question about 2015-16 Production Data So Cropping year 2016-17 Data Important for this year exam Which crop have largest production in the year 2015-16? Rice (104.41million tonnes in 2015-16) Highest cropping area under which crop in the […]

History of Agriculture

OUR JOURNEY IN AGRICULTURE History of Agriculture Indian Agriculture History After Independence 1947 Central Tobacco Research Institute established at Rajmundry, (Andhra Pradesh). Central Marine Fishers Research Institute established at Cochin (Shifted to Mandapam in 1949). Central Island Fisheries Station (now an Institute) established at Barrackpore (West Bengal). 1949 Turlock Singh invents the concept of standard acre. […]

Plant Names Crops Botanical Names

 Plant Names  List of Crops–Common and Botanical Names   Cereals & millets Rice Oryza sativa Wheat Triticum aestivum . Triticum sativum, Maize Zea mays Rye Secale cereale Oat Avena sativa Barley Hordeum vulgare Sorghum (Jowar) Sorghum bicolor Pearl millet (Bajra) Pennisetum glaucum Finger millet (Ragi) Eleusine coracana Barnyard millet (kuthiraivali) Echinochloa frumentacea Italian millet (thenai) […]

Crops Seed rate and Spacing of Agronomical crops

Useful For All Agricultural Exams Crops Seed rate and Spacing CROP SEED RATE (kg/ha) SPACING (cm) Paddy Broadcasting 100kg Drilling 60 kg Depog1.5-3kg/M² SRI 5-8 kg Hybrid 15kg 20×10  ( Wheat 100 kg Late Sowing-125kg Hybrid 67 kg 22.5×8-10 Barley 100 kg/ha Late Sowing-125kg 23×10 Maize Composite18-20kg Hybrid 20-25kg 60×25 Sorghum 12-15kg Fodder 35-40kg 45×15 […]

Agriculture Research Centre

Agriculture Research Centre National Research Centre National Research Centre Location 1 National Research Centre for Banana Trichi(TN) 2 National Research Centre for Grapes Pune (Maharashtra) 3 National Research Centre for Litchi Muzaffarpur (Bihar) 4 National Research Centre for Pomegranate Solapur (MH) 5 National Research Centre on Camel Bikaner (RJ) 6 National Research Centre on Equines […]