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Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Important Table 3

 Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Important Tables

1.Major elements in bulky organic manures

Bulky ManureN%P2O5 %K2O%
Farm yard manure0.50.20.5
Compost manure0.50.150.5
Town compost1.411.4
Animal urine1.00.021.0
Poultry urine1.460.170.62
Sheep dung0.70.51.8
Sira (Molasses)
Night Soil5.54.02.0
Poultry manure3.02.51.4
Sheep manure312
Green manure of sunhemp2.30.51.8
Green manure of daicha2.7-3.50.53-61.2-2.21

2.Major elements in concentrated organic manures

ConcentratedN%P2O5 %K2O%
Castor cake4.52.00.9
Groundnut cake7.41.51.3
Neem cake5.21.01.4
Mahua cake2.50.81.8
Linseed cake5.51.41.3
Mustard cake
Cotton seed cake3.41.91.6
Blood Manure121.30
Fish manure4.13.90.3-1.5
Bone manure3-520-220
Meat meal10.52.50
Bird Ghano7.18.10.65

3.Classification composition of the earth crust

ElementEarth Crust
Oxygen46.46 %
Si (Silicon)27.60 %
Al (Aluminium)8.07 %
Fe (Iron)5.06%
Ca (Calcium)3.65 %
Na (Sodium)2.75 %
K(Potasium)2.75 %
Mg (Magnesium)2.60 %
other2.20 %

4.Composition of soil air

GasesSoil air
Nitrogen (N)79.2 %
Oxygen (O2)20.6 %
Carbon dioxide (Co2)0.25 %

5.Elements & their form of availability

ElementsForm of uptake
Basic Elements
Carbon (C)Co2
Hydrogen (H)H2O
Oxygen (O)H2O, O2+
Major /Macro-Nutrients
Nitrogen (N)NH4+ (Ammonium),  NO3–  (Nitrate) 
Phosphorus (P)H2PO4(Mono phosphate), HPO42- (Di phosphate),  PO43- (Triphosphate) 
Potassium (K)K+
Secondary nutrients
Calcium (Ca)Ca2+
Magnesiun (Mg)Mg2+  
Sulphur (S) SO42- (Sulphate)
Iron (Fe)Fe3+ (Ferric), Fe2+ (Ferrous)
Zinc (Zn)Zn2+
Boron (Bo)H2BO3-, HBO32-, BO33-, B4O72-
Manganese (Mn)Mn2+  
Copper (Cu)Cu2+ (Cupric), Cu+ (Cuprous), 
Molybdenum (Mo)MoO42-
Chlorine (CI)Cl
Nickel (Ni)Ni2+  
Updated: 2020-01-07 — 7:08 pm


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