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Agriculture Economics Important Table 1

Agriculture Economics Study

Agriculture Economics Important Study Material 

System of co-operating farming

System of co-operating farmingOwnershipOperation
Co-op. Better farmingIndividualIndividual
Co-op. Joint farmingIndividualCollective
Co-op. Tenant farmingCollectiveIndividual
Co-op. Collective farmingCollectiveCollective

Important Economics Theory & Their Economist

Rent theory of profit  F. A. Walker.
Population TheoryMalthus
Theory of social changeE. Hagen
Spread effectsMyrdal
Theory of rentRichardo
Unlimited supplies of labourArthur Lewis
Migration & unemployment theoryHarris Todaro
Critical minimum effectLeibenstein
Big push theoryRosenstein Rodan
Financial dualismMyint
Relative income theoryJ. S. Dus unberg
Social dualismJ. H. Bocke
Technological dualismHiggins
Back washMyrdal
Golden rule of accumulationPhelps

Terminology for Marketing situation

Market situationNo. of buyer/seller
MonopolySingle seller
MonopsonySingle buyer
DuopolyTwo sellers
DuopsonyTwo buyers
OligopolyFew sellers
OligopsonyFew buyers
MonopolisticLarge no. of buyers and sellers
Bilateral monopolySingle buyer and single seller

Production problem & Relationship

Production problemRelationship
How to produce ?factor-factor
What to produce?product-product
How much to produce ?factor-product


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