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Wheat Crop All One Liner Points

Wheat Crop 

Wheat Crop

Wheat Crop Important One Liner

Agronomy One Liner Questions

1Botanical name of Mexican dwarf  wheat (87%area)?Triticum aestivum (2n=42)
2Family?  (
3Origin?South West Asia(Turkey)
4Protein percent ?10-12%
5Fat percent ?1.5%
6Fiber present ?1.2%
7Carbohydrate percent ?67-72%
8Shelling percent of ?60%
9Harvest index?40-45%
10How many tillers in 1 m square area in wheat field ?230-340
11Test weight  (1000 seed)?40 gram
12Nitrogen Bio fertilizer used for wheat? (
13100 grams wheat provides how much calories?327 calories
14Yellow colour of Durum and Suji flour due to which carotenoid pigment?Lutein
15World staple food is?Wheat
16Wheat also known as ?King of cereals
17Inflorescence known as ?Ear/spike/ Head
18The type of fruit of wheat is?Caryopsis
19Central zigzag axis of wheat grain is known as ?Rachis
20Seed rate of wheat is?100 kg/ha
21Seed rate wheat for Salt affected soil and late Sowing?125 kg/ha
22Seed rate for Sowing by dibbler?30 kg/ha
23Seed rate in zero tillage?140 kg/ha
24Seed rate of hybrid wheat?67 kg/ha
25Showing time of wheat for better production ?Mid Oct. to Mid Nov.
26New method of wheat sowing is? (*
27Plant spacing?22.5 cm ×  5cm
28Which gene responsible for Dwarfness in wheat is?Norin-10
29Norin-10 gene was brought to USA by ?S.c. salamone 1984
30The dwarf winter variety of wheat first time developed through using Norin gene by ?Dr. O.A.Vogel (USA)
31Wheat protein is called as?Glutein
32Protein which is essential for good great quality and making roti?Glutein

*FIRB-Furrow Irrigated Raised Bed System

Wheat Crop Important One Liner

33Cropping intensity of maize-potato-wheat? 300%
34Wheat, cotton, tobacco and oat are?Allopolyploids
35A method of breeding for wheat? Pure line selection method
36Multiline breeding is exploited widely in the crop?Wheat
37Cleistogamy was found in?Wheat and Barley
38Spacing of row to row? 22.5 cm
39Spacing of Rainfed wheat?25-30 cm x 5-6 cm
40spacing of late sown?15-16cm
41Ethrel is used as Gametocide for? Wheat, Rice and Sugar beet
42Pseudo cereal is? ( Wheat
43Which crop having highest percentage of irrigation?Wheat
44Multi lines in wheat are produced by ? Back cross breeding
45The scientific name of Pink Stem Borer? Sesamia inferens
46Wheat stem borer sesamia inferns attack in? Night
47Allo-Hexaploidy found in? Wheat
48National average yield of wheat is?22 q/ha
49In India , the maximum acreage and production of wheat is in?UP
50Common bread wheat is known as? Triticum aestivum
51When seed is dropped by hand in furrow it’s known as?  Kera method
52Seminal roots are?Temporary roots
53bulk density of soil gm/cm for good crop of wheat1.5

Wheat Crop Important One Liner

Wheat is a?Hexaploid plant (2n = 42)
The Mexican dwarf wheat is?Triticum aestivum (2n = 42)
The bread wheat is?Triticum vulgare (2n= 42)
Marconi wheat is?Triticum durum (2n= 28)
Indian dwarf/Club wheat is?Triticum spherococum (2n= 28)
Emmer wheat is known as? Triticum dicoccum (2n= 28)
The highest grown wheat species in India?Triticum aestivum (87%)
Macaroni Wheat is known as? Exported wheat
First man made cereal is?Triticale
Triticale is a crossing of?Wheat X Rye


54Wheat is a?Hexaploid plant (2n = 42)
55The Mexican dwarf wheat is?Triticum aestivum (2n = 42)
56The bread wheat is?Triticum vulgare (2n= 42)
57Marconi wheat is?Triticum durum (2n= 28)
58Indian dwarf/Club wheat is?Triticum spherococum (2n= 28)
59Emmer wheat is known as? Triticum dicoccum (2n= 28)
60The highest grown wheat species in India?Triticum aestivum (87%)
61Macaroni Wheat is known as? Exported wheat
62First man made cereal is?Triticale
63Triticale is a crossing of?Wheat X Rye

64The variety best suited for sowing in Rainfed areas?C-306, Sujata, Shera, Mukta
65Both blight and Rust resistant varieties are?UP 2425, PBW 273, WH 291
66Marconi wheat varieties are?Jayraj, Meghdoot, Malvika, HD-4530 etc.
67Most important crop variety during green revolution? HD 2329
68Single gene dwarf variety of wheat ?Sonalika, Larma Rojo 64-A, Girija
69Double gene dwarf variety of wheat ?KalyanSona, Chhoti Lerma, Janak, HD 2204, UP 215, Pratap,  Arjun, Sonara 64
70Triple gene dwarf wheat varieties were released during?1970
71Triple gene dwarf variety of wheat?Heera, Moti, Lal Badshah, Jyoti, Jawahar, Sangam, UP-301, UP-319
72Late sown wheat varieties are? ( sonara, Sonalika, Lok-1
73Most of the present days India’s wheat varieties contains the gene?Rht1, Rht2
74When come the turning point in wheat production in India  (Dwarf varieties introduced in India)?1963
75High yield dwarf varieties developed by ?Dr Norman E. Borlaug
76Which dwarf varieties firstly used in India for farming? (from Mexico) Lerma Rojo, Sonara-64 (Then Kalyan Sona and Sonalika)
77H.D. 2329 is a variety of?Wheat
78Suitable late sown variety is?Sonalika
79The variety of wheat which is resistant to all the three rusts is?Choti lerma
80Pusa Tejas variety of Wheat is known as?HI-8759

Wheat Crop Important One Liner

81Common herbicide used to control weeds in wheat? 2, 4-D
82Initial distinguishing character for identification of Phalaris minor? Basal node remains pink in color up to 50 days of plant growth.
83Important mimicry weed of wheat is?Phalaris minor
84Which herbicide used for control. Phalaris minor (mimicry weed)?Isoproturon
85Which Dicot weed harmful for wheat field? (, Krishnneel, senjee and chatri-matri
86Which Monocot weed harmful for wheat field?Phalaris Minor, Wild oat and Motha
87Objectionable weed of wheat?Convolvulus arvensis
88Associated weeds of wheat?Phalaris minor, Avena fatua and Chenopodium album
89Zinc and sulphates deficiency in wheat field reported in?Punjab
90Most suitable cropping system for wheat crop? Mixed cropping

91Indian Institute of wheat and Barley research located at ?Karnal (Haryana)
92International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) is located at ?Mexico (1966)
93Most critical stage for irrigation in wheat ?CRI*
94If only 3 irrigation are available indicate critical stages of wheat when there will be applied?
  1. C.R.I stage
  2. Late jointing (hoot) stage
  3. Milking stage
95CRI stage occurs in wheat in?21 days
96Average depth of sowing wheat seed in field?5 cm
97Ideal fertilizer dose for wheat field ?(NPK)120:60:40
98Suitable moisture % for Storing of wheat? (
99Suitable moisture % for harvesting of wheat?25-30%
100Ideal temperature for germination of wheat seeds?20-25°C
101Ideal germination % of wheat seeds?85%
102Oxidation of carbon in wheat at which temperature?24°C
103Grain:straw ratio in Mexican wheat ?1:1.5

*UAE -United Arab Emirate
*CRI -Crown Root Initiation

Wheat Crop Important One Liner

104Which disease is known as “killer disease” of wheat ?Black Rust
105Which disease is known as “Cancer disease” of wheat ?Karnal bunt
106Brown rust (leaf rust) caused by? ( reconditae 
107Black rust (stem rust) caused by?Puccinia graminis tritici
108Yellow rust (strip rust) caused by?Puccinia striformis
109Which rust disease most damaging among all three rust diseases in India?Brown Rust
110Karnal bunt caused by?Neovossia indica (reported by Mitra 1930 Karnal)
111In which disease produce black powder in place of grains of wheat?Loose smut (Internally seed borne disease)
112Powdery mildew of wheat caused by?Erysiphe graminis tritici (Blumeria Tritici)
113Ear-cockle of wheat caused by?Anguina tritici (nematode)
114Serious pest of wheat?  White grub & termite
115The scientific name of Wheat Termites?Odentotermis obesus
116Which pest attacks all the parts of the plant?Termite

Wheat Crop Important One Liner

117The crown root system in wheat is developed from which root system? Secondry root system
118In cloudy weather, high humidity and low temperature conditions. Which disease is more likely in wheat? (More possibility). Rust
119Sowing depth of wheat (5 cm) is depend on ?Coleoptiles length
120What  % of wheat grains should not be used for eating when they are infected with Karnal bunt? (Due to Fish like smell) ?3%
121Which chemical use for rats control in Wheat field?Aluminium phosphide
122Karnal Bunt affected wheat flour. Why does the smell like a fish? ?Due to Trimethyl amine
123Rust is a which type disease?Airborne 
124Karnal Bunt is a which type disease? (, Seed & Air borne
125Wheat is a?C3 plant
126Wheat is a which type of plant Self pollinated & Long day plant
127Wheat crop is tolerant to soil salinity?moderately
128The optimum pH ranges from?6 to 8
129Requires a cold period/chilling (vernalization) during?Early growth
130Spring wheat length of the total growing period?100-130 days

Wheat Crop Important One Liner

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