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Us Agriculture One Liners Questions

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1  Bakanae disease (Foolish Seedling) in rice plants is caused by?
Gibberella fujikuroi
2  Which is the most irrigated state in india?

3  Gurgaon project is associated with which person? F.L. Brain.
4 Krishi vigyan Kendra (KVK) also known as?  Farm science centers.
5  Who is the father of modern plant pathology and father of Indian mycology?  Edwin John Butler
6 BER (Blossom End Rot) disease in Tomato is due to? Calcium deficiency.
7 Earthing up in potato is done? 40 Days after sowing
8 Dormancy breakdown in potato is done by? 1% thiourea + 1 ppm GA3
9 Bicolor variety of Brinjal ?

10  Silicon is essential for which? Rice and Maize.
11 Browning in cauliflower is due to? Boron deficiency.
12 Khaira disease of rice can be controlled by spraying ? Zinc Sulphate.
13 The growth hormone which overcomes genetic dwarfism in certain plants?  Gibberellins.
14  Mycorrhizal association is found in which fruit? Lithci
15 Powdery mildew disease is a serious problem in which vegetable crop? Pea.

Us Agriculture

Questions Answers
16 Cleistogamy encourages?

Self pollination.
17 Double cross hybrid in maize was first suggested by ? Jones
18  Refractometer is used to identify? TSS (Total soluble solids).
19 Which soil absorb more solar radiations? Black soils
20 Indian village scheme was given by? S.N Gupta.
21  National Demonstration scheme was given by?  Kalwar and Subhramanyam.
22 Law of minimum was given by? Liebeg (1840).
23 The term Vernalistion was given by ? T.D Lysenko (1920)
24 Precursor of Abscisic acid?( Violaxanthin.
25 The term Photoperiodism  was given by?  Garner and Allard (1920).
26 Whiptail in cauliflower is due to ? Mo deficiency.
27 A weed that spread Asthma is ? Parthenium.
28  Rice crop should be transplanted at the depth of? 4cm
29 Hen and Chicken disorder found commonly in which fruit crop ? Grapes
30 Pomato (hybrid of tomato and potato) is produced by ? Cytoplasmic fusion

Us Agriculture

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