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Soil Science One Liner Questions (5)

Soil Science One Liner

Agriculture Question & Answer Soil Science One Liner

Agriculture 30 One Liner Question

Soil Science One Liner

Subject:- Soil Science 
Special 30 One Liner Questions
1Azolla is widely used as a bio fertilizer in?Rice crop
2Azospirillum bio fertilizer used for? Sorghum
3Azotobacter and Beijernckia are?  Aerobic bacteria
4B% in borax? 10.5
5Bacteria are heavy users of?N
6Bacteria responsible for conversion of Nitrite to Nitrate?Nitrobactor
7Basic slag contains mostly? 24 to 50% CaO
8Beneficial elements are ?Co, Si, Na, Ni, V
9Best fertilizer for Basal application in Pulse?DAP
10Best method of storage of FYM? Covered pit method
11BGA can fix Nitrogen in a rice season?30 kg N/ha
12BGA supplies N and?Plant Growth promoters
13Bio fertilizer more suited for sugarcane and wheat is?Azatobacter
14Bio fertilizers are? Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Azospirillum , PSB, VAM, BGA, etc
15Bio-fertilizers supplies nitrogen to the extent of?20 kg/ha

Soil Science One Liner

16Bio-super is made up of? Rock phosphate + Sulpher + Sulphur oxidizing bacteria
17Black cotton soils are deficient in?Nitrogen
18Blue body syndrome is due to?NO3 – toxicity
19Bones are rich in?phosphorus
20Bordeaux mixture consists of?Copper Sulphate + Calcium Hydroxide
21Boric acid H3BO3, contains B? 17%
22Boron is a? Non-metal element
23Boron is harmful for plants having concentration?More than 3 ppm
24Carbon content in organic matter?58%
25Due to water logging the availability of which nutrient is increased in rice field is?Mn
26Element available in both anion and cation ions isNitrogen
27Element involved in energy transfer and storage in plants?Phosphorus
28Element is bonded in the centre of each porphyrin ring in the chlorophyll? Mg
29In alkaline soils (pH <6.5) P fixation due to? Calcium
30In an average well decomposed FYM(Farmyard manure) contains?0.5% N2, 0.2% P2O5, 0.5% K2O

Soil Science One Liner

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Updated: 2021-02-19 — 3:25 pm


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