Soil Science One Liner Questions (109)

Soil Science One Liner

Agriculture Question & Answer Soil Science One Liner

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Soil Science One Liner

Question Answer
The most dominant mineral on earth crust is? Feldspar (48%)
A+B horizons are collectively called as?  Solum
A+B+C horizons together called as?  Regolith
The arrangement of primary particles of soil? Soil structure
The relative proportion of sand, silt and clay is termed as?  Soil texture
In India the black soil is mostly fond in ?
Red soil is mostly found in?  Tamilnadu
Laterite soils are dominant in?
Karnataka & Kerala
The soil which is most suitable for most crops is? sandy loam
Kankar nodules are found mostly in?
Red soils
Each Soils having at least 20% organic matter are known as?
Organic soils
Particle density of soil is also known as?
true density
Generally the particles density of normal soil is?
2.65 gram/cm3
The bulk density of normal soil is?
1.33 g/cm 3
K & Na is determined by? Flame Photometer

Soil Science One Liner

Question Answer
Least resistant to weathering?
Process of moving out of sesquioxide is known as?
Process of mixing of soils is known as?
The smell of soil after fresh shower is due to? . Actinomycetes
The most dominant soil order of India?  Entisol
Black soil belongs the soil order? Vertisol
The soil having more than 30% organic matter is placed in? Histosol
Major source of rock for Mg is?
Major source of P?
Major source of B?
Major source of Mo?
Major source of K?
Most resistant rock to weathering is?
N% in cotton cake?
6.5% N
N% in safflower cake?
7.8% N

Soil Science One Liner

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