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Soil Science for All Agricultural Exam
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1 Sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) of alkali soil is less than ? <15
2 C: N ratio for sugarcane straw is ?( 120:1
3 The compounds which tightly hold certain cations that are attracted towards them and release them slowly for utilization by plants is called as ? Chelates
4 The gypsum equivalent of iron pyrite used or reclamation of sodic soil is? 0.63
5 The heap method (Indore) of compost has NPK content of 0.8 %, 0.3 % and 1.5 % by ? Howard & Wad (1931)
6 A soil has a gravimetric moisture content 18 % and buld density 1.5 mg/m3. The volumetric moisture content of the soil is ? 27 %
7 Citrus fruit are the indicator plant for symptoms of ?


8 ICAR has identified three Bt cotton verities for cultivation in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan which were developed by Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana is? PAU Bt 1, 
F1861 &
9 The concentrate organic manures of oil cakes for groundnut have nitrogen content of ? 7.2 %
10 Among various classed of salt affected soils, the highest soil permeability is recorded by ? Saline soils
11 National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning is located at ? Nagpur
12 Water lost from the soil during the crop life cycle is termed as ? Conjunctive
13 Land Development Bank was established at ? 1929
14 The percentage of slopes for Zing terracing to be ? 3 – 10 %
15 The constituent element in many of the fungicides which creates acidic condition in soil is ? Iron (Fe)
16 The drip fertigation, concentration of nutrients in iorrigation water is kept around ? 100 ppm
17 The night soil deposited in trenches and covered with a layer of earth and debries, this becomes dry material, when undergoes to anaerobic decomposition and become dried material is called as ? Paudrette
18 National centre for Agriculture Economics and Policy Research is located at? New Delhi.
19 Which of the element is important in stabilizing various enzymes systems in plants is ? Potassium
20 Central Soil Salinity Research Institute is located at ? Karnal
21 The example for soil conditioner used for stabilization and artificially formed aggregates is Krillium, PVA, PAA and ? Polyacrylamide
22 Applications of technologies and principles to manage spatial and temporal variability associated with all aspects of agricultural production for the purpose of improving crop performance and environmental quality is called as ? Precision farming.
23 What concentration of sugar is used for irrigation is to be? 60-70%
24 Critical deficiency level (mg/kg) of available Zinc (DTPA-Zn) in alluvial soils of Indo-Gangetic plains is.? 0.60 mg/kg
25 The main reservoir of available sulphur in soil is ?(Soil Compaction) Organic sulphur

Soil Compaction

Questions Answers
26 During carbonation CaCo3 is precipitated to form CaCo3 granules which serves as nuclei and promote uture acceleration and growth in the form of nodules is called as? Kankar
(Tropics and Lime nodules)
27 The formula for Tri-calcium phosphate is? Ca3 (Po4)2
28 The equivalent basicity of the fertilizer Sodium nitrate is? ( 29
29 Central Soil Testing Laboratory is located at ? Patna
30 The silica – sesquioxide ratio is most important index of ? Soil erodibility
31 The limit of land slope in border irrigation method in medium loam soil is? 0.05-0.20 %
32 Which of the element can partially substitute molybdenum in nitrogen fixation by rhizobium is? Vanadium
33 The colloidal surface of humus are ?
Negatively charged
34 When a litre of solution has one gram molecular weight of a substance dissolve in it, is called as? Molar solution
35 Broad Bed Furrow system (BBF) is an efficient system of in-situ moisture conservation in ? Black soils
36 Quantity of lime required to added to a soil to correct the soil acidity is known as lime requirement. Determined by ? SMP buffer method
37 Soil body is generally occupied by soil pores to the extent of ? 40 – 50 %
38 In universal soil loss equation (USLE) K indicates about soil loss from a? Unit plot.
39 General recommendation of NPK fertilizer doses for Chickpea in Rajasthan are ? 20-40-0
40 The value for Residual sodium carbonates (RSC) to the safe for irrigation purpose is ? < 1.25
41 Land capability classification scheme was developed by ? USA
42 Soil enzyme that has been widely used as a measure of soil quality is ? Dehydrogenase
43 The salt resistant variety of barley for Rajasthan is ? BL-32.
44 Plant used for moisture conservation in dry lands is ? Vetiver
45 Detachment and transport of soil particles by a concentrated flow of water is called as? Rill erosion
46 The size for Montmorillonite of the clay structure to be ? 0.01 – 1 µ
47 The land capability class which may be used for cultivation with intensive soil conservation measure is ? Class III
48 Enriched FYM contains FYM and SSP in the ratio of ? 5:1
49 Soil pores of less than 0.06 mm in diameter are considered as ? Micro-spores
50 The main practice for dust mulching is ?( Intercultural operation

Soil Compaction

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