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Seed Technology Study Material Table-1

Seed Technology Study 

Seed Technology Study Material Table-1

Subject:- Seed Technology

1.of Seed Multiplication & Their Source Seed

Stages of Seed MultiplicationSource Seed
Nucleus seedNucleus seed
Breeder seedNucleus seed
Foundation seedBreeder Seed
Registered seedFoundation Seed
Certified seedFoundation Seed/Certified seed

2.Stages of Seed Multiplication, Colour Of Tag and Size of Tag

Stages of Seed Tag ColourTag Size
Nucleus seed
Breeder seedGolden Yellow12 x 6 cm.
Foundation seedWhite15 x 7.5cm.
Registered seedPurple15 x 7.5cm.
Certified seedAzure Blue15 x 7.5cm.

3.number of primary samples to be drawn From Seed lot

Seed Lot In BulkMinimum number of primary samples to be drawn.
< 50 kg3
50 to 500 kg5
500 to 3000 kgOne for each 300 kg lot but number of samples not <5
3000 to 20,000kg1 sample for each 500 kg but number of samples not <10
4.Seed lot in bags
Number of BagsNumber of primary samples to drawn
Up to 5 containers5
6-30 containersOne for every 3 containers but not <5
31 and aboveOne for every 5 containers, but not <10

Seed Technology Study Material Table-1

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