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Principles of Agricultural Economics Book PDF

Principles of Agricultural Economics Book PDF

Principles of Agricultural Economics Book PDF

Book NamePrinciples of Agricultural Economics
Total Page111


Principles of Agricultural Economics
1Economics – Definition And Nature & Scope Of Economics – Divisions Of Economics
2Economic Systems – Definitions And Characteristics – Capital Economy – Socialist Economy – Mixed Economy
3Consumption – Theory Of Consumer Behaviour – Utility- Definition And Measurement – Cardinal And Ordinal Approaches – Law Of Diminishing Marginal Utility – Graphical Derivation Of Demand Curve
4Ordinal Approach – Indifference Curve – Characteristics – Budget Line – Equilibrium Of Consumer.
5Demand –Individual Demand – Market Demand – Demand Schedule – Demand Curve – Law Of Demand And Factors Affecting It.
6Elasticity Of Demand – Price, Income And Cross Elasticities – Estimation – Point And Arc Elasticity – Giffen Good – Normal And Inferior Goods – Substitutes And Complementary Goods
7Engel’s Law Of Family Expenditure And Significance. – Consumer’s Surplus– Estimation And Applications.
8Production – Factors Of Production – Land & Characteristics; Labour – Quantity And Quality Of Labour- – Division Of Labour – Efficiency Of Labour – Malthusian
9Capital – Characteristics – Capital Formation; Organization Of Business Firms – Types And Characteristics – Concept Of Shares &Debenture.
10Supply-Law Of Diminishing Marginal Return – Its Application To Agriculture – Cost Concepts – Short Run & Long Run Cost Curves – Optimum Level Of Production.
11Graphical Derivation Of Supply From Cost Curve – Supply Schedule – Supply Curve – Law Of Supply – Elasticity Of Supply.
12Market, Market Structure And Price Determination
13Factor Pricing ; Rent – Ricardian Rent-Economic Rent – Quasi – Rent; Wage– Marginal Productivity Theory Of Wage; Interest – Liquidity Preference Theory; Profit –Risk-Bearing Theory Of Profit.
14Macro Economics – Concepts Of – Gross National Product (Gnp) – Gross Domestic Product (Gdp) – Net National Product (Nnp) – Percapita Income.
15Money – Definition & Functions Of Money; Inflation – Consequences & Control.
16Public Finance – Public Revenue – Public Expenditure; Taxation – Principles Of Taxation.


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