Precision Agriculture One Liner Questions 99

Precision Agriculture

ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,Agriculture supervisor and Others Competitive Exam

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Questions & Answers

Questions  Answers
1 The preparation of farmyard manure By trench method was given by ?
C.N. Acharya
2 National Bureau of soil survey and land use planning is located at ? Nagpur
3 In Maize the first product formed during photosynthesis is ? Malic acid
4 “Reserve Bank of India” is a ? Bank for government
5 Crossing over during meiosis result in ? Breaking linkage
6 A crop that can supply oil for petrochemicals is ? Jatropha
7 Groundwater table is measured by ? Piezometer​
8 The most deficient micro-nutrient in Indian soil is ? Zn
9 Capillary movement of water is complemented by ? Root extension
10 Pheromone trap attracts ? Male Moths
11 “MANAGE” is located at ? Hyderabad
12 Best communication method in illiteracy dominated village away from city is ? Showing film
13 The nitrogen requirement per plant per year of Banana is ? 250 gram
14 “NABARD” was established in the year ?
15 Which Herbicide is used to control striga in Jowar ? 2 4-D

Precision Agriculture

Questions  Answers
16 Which Bank is a Lead Bank in India in maximum number of districts ? State Bank of India
17 Boron deficiency is mostly to dominant in which region of India ? Northwest region
18 The statical test used to determine the goodness of fit is ?
Chi-square test
19 Which organisation related to export of Agricultural processed product is ? APEDA
20 Hatch and slack pathway is found in ? Maize
21 National biodiversity board is situated at? Chennai
22 The crop which is known as camel crop ? Jowar
23 The group of soil which is having highest infiltration rate ? Aridisol
24 Beaufort scale is used for ? Wind pressure
25 Milk is deficient in ? Iron
26 Sour taste of milk is due to conversion of lactose to ? Lactic acid
27 Rainbow Trout found in water like ? Cold water
28 Carbon dating technique is used for determination of age of ? Fossils
29 Age of plants is determined by ?
Annual rings
30 The gas with which Haemoglobin show highest affinity ? CO

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