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Precision Agriculture General Agriculture One Liner 33

Precision Agriculture

ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,Agriculture supervisor and Others Competitive ExamLearn Agriculture

Precision Agriculture Questions & Answers

1The preparation of farmyard manure By trench method was given by?
C.N. Acharya
2National Bureau of soil survey and land use planning is located at?Nagpur
3In Maize the first product formed during photosynthesis is?Malic acid
4“Reserve Bank of India” is a?Bank for government
5Crossing over during meiosis result in?Breaking linkage
6A crop that can supply oil for petrochemicals is?Jatropha
7Groundwater table is measured by?Piezometer​
8The most deficient micro-nutrient in Indian soil is?Zn
9Capillary movement of water is complemented by?Root extension
10Pheromone trap attracts?Male Moths
11“MANAGE” is located at?Hyderabad
12Best communication method in illiteracy dominated village away from city is?Showing film
13The nitrogen requirement per plant per year of Banana is?250 gram
14“NABARD” was established in the year?
15Which Herbicide is used to control striga in Jowar?2 4-D

Precision Agriculture

16Which Bank is a Lead Bank in India in maximum number of districts?State Bank of India
17Boron deficiency is mostly to dominant in which region of India?Northwest region
18The statical test used to determine the goodness of fit is?
Chi-square test
19Which organisation related to export of Agricultural processed product is?APEDA
20Hatch and slack pathway is found in?Maize
21National biodiversity board is situated at?Chennai
22The crop which is known as camel crop?Jowar
23The group of soil which is having highest infiltration rate?Aridisol
24Beaufort scale is used for?Wind pressure
25Milk is deficient in?Iron
26Sour taste of milk is due to conversion of lactose to?Lactic acid
27Rainbow Trout found in water like?Cold water
28Carbon dating technique is used for determination of age of?Fossils
29Age of plants is determined by?
Annual rings
30The gas with which Haemoglobin show highest affinity?CO

Precision Agriculture

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