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1 Father of plant physiology ?


Stephan Hales
2 A diffusion of liquids through a semi-permeable membrane is known as  ? Osmosis
3 Responsible for the ability of plant roots to draw water from soil ? Osmosis
4 In a pure solvent, the value of Osmotic potential which is its maximum value  ? Zero
5 The diffusion of solvent particles into a living cell or structure  ? Endo- Osmosis
6 The diffusion of solvent out of a living cell or structure ? Exo- Osmosis
7 The soaking up/adsorption of water by dry substances due to hydrophilic colloids is known as ? Imbibitions
8 The loss of water in the form of water vapour is termed as transpiration whereas in the form of liquid is known as  ? Guttation
9 Term Guttation is given by  ? Burgerstien
10 Foliar transportation is of two type ? 1)Stomatal
11 Rate of transpiration is determined by ? Photometer
12 Loss of sap (water) from the injured parts of the plant is known as ? Bleeding
13 The process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar is ? Photosynthesis
14 Photosynthesis occurs in  ?


Plants and some algae
15 The organelle of photosynthesis is  ? Chloroplast
16 The chlorophyll is built into the membranes of the ? Thylakoids
17 Molecules that have evolved to absorb wavelengths in the visible region of the spectrum very well are called  ? Pigments
18 Non-cyclic photophosphorylation consists of two sets of pigments to excite which are called  ? Photosystem 1 & Photosystem 2 

Plant Growth

Questions Answers
19 Carbon fixing reactions are also known as the? Dark Reactions
20 Photosynthesis active radiation (PAR)? 400- 700 nm
21 Important accessory pigments in plants are Carotenoids ? carotiens
22 The energy stored during photosynthesis in the form of? ATP
23 The most effective colour of visible light spectrum for photosynthesis is  ? Red light 
24 The site of primary photochemical reaction is ? Quantasome
25 Calvin cycle occurs in ?( Chloroplast
26 C3 pathway for carbon dioxide fixation in certain tropical grasses were reported by  ? Hatch and Slack (1965)
27  Photorespiration was discovered by  ? Decker
28 Each Mitochondria is bounded by two lipoprotein and filled with the colorless fluid called  ? Matrix
29 Term photoperiodism was coined by ? Garner and Allard       (1920) 
30 The cold treatment to a plant or a seedling in order to fulfil a specific low temperature requirement for accelerating the flowering is ? Vernalisation
31 Term Vernalisation was coined by  ? T.D.Lysenko (1920)
32 Aerobic respiration of glucose produces? 673 k cal energy
33 Krebs cycle is also called as ?( Citric acid cycle or tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA) 
34 Abscisic acid is considered the ?  “stress” harmone
35 In 1964 , the first naturally occurring cytokinin was isolated from corn called ? Zeatin
36 Gibberellins were discovered by ? Kurosowa (1926)

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  1. Rate of transpiration determined by "Potometer"

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