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Pearl Millet one liner question

Pearl Millet, Farming questions and answers

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Pearl Millet Daily one liner question 49


Pearl millet (Bajra)

1Botanical namePennisetum typhoides
3Chromosome number 2n=14
4Origin of Bajra Africa
5Type of Bajra seed Caryopsis
6Seed rate of Bajra  4-5kg/ha
(Depth 2-3 cm)
7Test weight of Bajra 5-7 gram
8Protein content in Bajra 11-12% (11.6%)
9Carbohydrate content in Bajra 67%
10Fat content in Bajra 5%
11What kind of pollination occurs in Bajra(C4)?Cross pollination
12What is the reason for cross-pollination in Bajra?Protogynous nature
(Female part of your first)
13Suitable climate for Bajra?Tropical
14Bajra also known as?
  1. Poor’s food
  2. Cattail millet
  3. Bulrush millet
15First hybrid variety of Bajra? HB-1 (1965)

16Pearl Millet very sensitive for?
  1. Water logging 
  2. Acidic soil
17Which gene responsible for male sterility in Bajra?Tift 23A
18Critical stage of irrigation?Ear-head emergence
19Moisture percent at harvesting stage?20%
20Moisture present at storage time?12-14%
21Irrigated area?9.5%
22Fertilizer dose(NPK)?100:50:40
23Water requirement?250 mm
24Which is most drought tolerant crop?
25Soil requirements?Sandy loam
26Plant population?
175000 to 200000 plant/ha
27At which stage there should be no rainfall?Flowering and Grain filling
2880 percentage of phosphorus in grain stored is in the form of?Phytic Acid
29Famous varieties?1.Malbindro  
2.Pusa Moti
30Hybrid varieties?
  1. PHB-47,10
  2. HB-1,2,3,4,5
31Fodder varieties?Composite-6
32Major insect-pest?
  • White grub
  • Hairy caterpillar
33Major diseases?
  1. Downy mildew (Green ear disease)
  2. Ergot
  3. Smut

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Updated: 2021-11-02 — 11:10 pm


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  1. sir crop ka name bar bar mt use kro..

  2. Satyabanta Sanjenbam

    1.Potash fertilizer are only recommended for Hybrid variety.
    2.Seedrate(dibbling)– 3-3.5 kg/ha
    (Transplanting) — 2kg/ha
    3.Required rainfall– 25-35 cm
    4.Water requirement– 250-500 ml(lowest among millets)
    5.Mineral content— 2.7%
    6.Spacing —(40-45 x 10-15)cm.
    7.1st male sterile— Tif23-A1
    8.HB-1 is crossed between— Tif23-A x Bil-3B
    9.Health Benifits— good energy source
    reducing weight
    control blood sugar..etc.


    Highly drought tolerant crop among cereals and millets

  4. Thanks for these oneliners.

  5. jerking is a process in which tillers are pulled out or removed which will result in uniform flowering of all the tillers,it occur in which crop—bajra

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