Pathology Questions One Liner – 16

Pathology Questions 

Pathology Questions 

Useful for all Agriculture Exams

Plant Pathology Questions

Questions Answer
1 Viruses​ which are capable to infecting bacteria are called ? Bacteriophage
2 The fungus produce small spores known as ? Conidia
3 Who is the father of plant pathology ? Anton de berry
4 “Karnal bunt” diseases of wheat first time reported ? Mitra (1931)
5 Which disease known as a Cancer disease of wheat ? Karnal bunt
6 Book “Fungi and diseases in plants” written by ? E.J.Butler
7 Book  “Fungi and plant diseases” written by ? B.B. Mundkur
8 Books “The nature of plants” and “Regions of vegetable growth” both books are written by ?


9 Book “Nova plantarum genera” written by ? P. A.Micheli
10 Famous book “Species planetarium” written by ? Linnaeus
11 Crystallization of viruses has done by ? Stanley
12 Nematodes are also known as ? Tapeworms
13 Which disease of wheat known as “killer disease” ? Black Rust
14 Which disease responsible for Iris famine in 1845?
Late blight of potato
15 Which rice disease responsible for Bengal famine in 1943? Brown leaf spot

Pathology Questions

Questions Answer
16 First systemic fungicide carboxin was discovered by? Schmelling and Kulkarni (1966)
17 Fungi which can grow only on living host plant are called? Obligate parasite
18 Alternate host of black stem rust of wheat ? Barberry
19 Radophyceae is also known as?


Red algae
20 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in which year? 1929
21 Which Bacterial disease was first reported? Fire blight of apple
22 Which fungicide used for control powdery mildew? Karathane
23 Which fungicide used for control downy mildew? Metalaxyl
24 Boardex mixture discovered by? Pro.Milardet (1882)
25 Ufra disease of rice is caused by? Nematodes
26 Association of fungi with root of higher plants is known as? Mycorrhiza
27 Which is primary source of infection green ear disease of Bajra? Soil and seed
28 Black tip of mango is caused by deficiency of? Boron
29 Black heart of potato is caused due to deficiency of? Oxygen
30 Microorganism was first observed by?
Antony van leeuwenhoek

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