Pathology One Liner Questions 94

Plant Pathology

Plant PathologyPlant Pathology For Agricultural Exams
ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, AFO, ADO,IFFCO, NFL and Others Competitive Exam
Questions Answers
1 Father of modern plant pathology ? Antone De Berry
2 Bordeaux mixture was developed by ?
3 Late blight of potato is caused by ? Phytophthora infestans
4  Bacteria used in biological control ? Pseudomonas Fluorescence
5 Most of the plant viruses are ? SS RNA
6 Papaya mosaic disease is ? Viral
7 Ooze test is done for detecting ? Bacteria
8 Carboxin is very effective against ? Smuts disease
9 Generally viruses are composed of protein ? Nucleic acid
10 Agar agar is produced by ? Nostoc
11 The causal organism of black rust of wheat is  ? Puccinia graminis tritici
12 White rust of cruciferous is caused by ? Albugo candida
13 First transgenic Plant was developed in the world is? Tobacco
14 One of factors causing malformation of mango is?
15 The most effective fungicide​ of the control of powdery mildew ? Sulphur fungicide

Plant Pathology

Questions  Answers
16  Downy mildew fungi belongs of order ?
17 The incidence blast disease can be reduces by application of ? Silicon in rice
18 Agar agar is obtained from ? Red Sea algae
19 Crystallization of virus particles first obtained by ? Stanley 1935
20 Smut fungi belongs to the genera ? Ustilaginales
21 In rust fungi repeating spores are? Uredospores
22 The first plant parasitic bacterium was discovered ? Fire blight of Apple
23 The downy mildew of pearl millet is suppressed by ? Cl
24 Loose smut pathogen of wheat is ? Internally seed Borne
25 Generally viruses are composed of?
Nucleic acid and Protein
26 Ergot is a mycelium form called ? Sclerotia
27 Gram staining method in bacteria was given by ? Christian gram
28 Most dangerous and poisonous mushroom is ? Amanita phalloides
29 Purple blotch of onion is caused by ? Alternaria porri
30 Portion of pathogen which is transferred to plant and cause disease ? Inoculums
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