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Papaya Daily One Liner Questions-64

Papaya questions and answers

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Papaya  Horticulture


  Questions Answers
1 Botanical name ? Carica papaya
2 Family ?( Caricaceae
3 Origin ? Tropical America  
4 Chromosome number? 2n=18
5 Suitable climate? Tropical
6 Fruit type? Berry
7 Inflorescence known as ? Cymose
8 Edible part ? Mesocarp
9 Yellow colour due to ? Caricaxanthin
10 Plant susceptible to ? 1)Water logging
11 Plant are? Day neutral plant, Dioecious,
Cross pollinated
12 Commercially propagated by ? Seed
13 Seed rate? Gynodioecious-250-300 gram

Dioecious 400-500 gram
14 Seed in 1 gram ? 20 seed
15 Planting time ?

Questions Answers
16 Planting distance ? 2.5M×2.5M
17 Which variety suitable for high density planting? Pusa Nanha
18 Recommended spacing for Pusa Nanha ? 1.25M × 1.25M
(6000 plant/ha)
19 Gynodioecious varieties?
Pusa delicious,
Pusa Majesty,
CO-3, Surya,
Taiwan,Sunrise solo,
Coorg Honey Dew
20 Delicious varieties? Pusa giant
Pusa dwarf
Pusa Nanha
21 Hybrid varieties? CO-3 CO-4
22 Best varieties for papain? Pusa Majesty
23 Male plant planted in delicious varieties ? 10%
24 Which alkalide found ? Papain
25 Enzyme present in dried latex of pa.paya (Papain) ? Papasin
26 Protein present in papain ? 72.2%
27 How much Papain optain from one papaya plant approx? 25 gram
28 Suitable irrigation method ? Ring method
29 TSS? 13-14° Brix
30 Serious diseases?
Damping off
Leaf curl
Root rot
31 Insect pest? Red Spider
32 When does flowering and fruit start in papaya? 1-1½ year After planting
33 Maximum production and area of papaya ? India
33 Maximum production and area in india? Andhra pradesh

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  1. Dioecious not delicious sir ji

    Nice post very helpful for agri students

  2. Yes very helpful questions about papaya. one shocking thing i want to share that is Papaya seeds for abortion was a traditional remedy for women looking for the measure.Papaya seeds for abortion are far better than anything else like pills and chemicals which also has no side effect.

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