Papaya Daily One Liner Questions-64

Papaya questions and answers

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Papaya  Horticulture


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1 Botanical name ? Carica papaya
2 Family ?( Caricaceae
3 Origin ? Tropical America  
4 Chromosome number? 2n=18
5 Suitable climate? Tropical
6 Fruit type? Berry
7 Inflorescence known as ? Cymose
8 Edible part ? Mesocarp
9 Yellow colour due to ? Caricaxanthin
10 Plant susceptible to ? 1)Water logging
11 Plant are? Day neutral plant, Dioecious,
Cross pollinated
12 Commercially propagated by ? Seed
13 Seed rate? Gynodioecious-250-300 gram

Dioecious 400-500 gram
14 Seed in 1 gram ? 20 seed
15 Planting time ?

Questions Answers
16 Planting distance ? 2.5M×2.5M
17 Which variety suitable for high density planting? Pusa Nanha
18 Recommended spacing for Pusa Nanha ? 1.25M × 1.25M
(6000 plant/ha)
19 Gynodioecious varieties?
Pusa delicious,
Pusa Majesty,
CO-3, Surya,
Taiwan,Sunrise solo,
Coorg Honey Dew
20 Delicious varieties? Pusa giant
Pusa dwarf
Pusa Nanha
21 Hybrid varieties? CO-3 CO-4
22 Best varieties for papain? Pusa Majesty
23 Male plant planted in delicious varieties ? 10%
24 Which alkalide found ? Papain
25 Enzyme present in dried latex of pa.paya (Papain) ? Papasin
26 Protein present in papain ? 72.2%
27 How much Papain optain from one papaya plant approx? 25 gram
28 Suitable irrigation method ? Ring method
29 TSS? 13-14° Brix
30 Serious diseases?
Damping off
Leaf curl
Root rot
31 Insect pest? Red Spider
32 When does flowering and fruit start in papaya? 1-1½ year After planting
33 Maximum production and area of papaya ? India
33 Maximum production and area in india? Andhra pradesh

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  1. Dioecious not delicious sir ji

    Nice post very helpful for agri students

  2. Yes very helpful questions about papaya. one shocking thing i want to share that is Papaya seeds for abortion was a traditional remedy for women looking for the measure.Papaya seeds for abortion are far better than anything else like pills and chemicals which also has no side effect.

  3. Beautiful, please help with other tropical crops also.
    Thanks sir

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