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Mango Horticulture One Liner

Mango India Full Information

Mango India Full Information For Competitive Exams

Fruit Mango India Full Information

Mango All Important Points that useful for your All Agricultural Exams 

 Questions Answer
1Botanical name?Mangifera Indica
3Origin?Indo Burma region
4Chromosome number?2n=40
5Fruit type?Drupe
6Edible part is known as?Mesocarp
7Flower known as?Cymose
8Mango fruits are good source of?Vitamin-A 
9TSS percent?20%
10Mango also known as?King of fruits
National fruit (India)
Bathroom fruit
11Suitable climate?Tropical climate
12Which type of root found?Tap roots
13Longevity​ of seeds?30 days
14Commercial propagation is done by the method?Veneer grafting
15Pollination done by?Housefly (Musca domestica)
 Questions Answer
16 Wearing habit?Terminal
17Normal planting space?10M × 10M
18High density planting space?(Amrapali variety)2.5 M × 2.5 M
19Most popular varieties in India?Alphanso
20Sweetest variety is?Chousa
21Seedless variety?Sindhu
22Spongy tissue resistant variety?Ratna
23Which variety suitable for processing?Kesar
24Which variety fruits are like “Apple Shape”?Rumani
25Mutant variety?Rosica
26Caging technique of breeding first used by ?Dr. R N Singh
27Mango hybridization work was first started by?(1911 Pune)Burns and Prayag
28Blacktip was first observed by?Woodhouse (1909)
29Malformation was first observed in?Bihar (1891)
30Spongy tissue was first observed by?Cheema and Dhani (1934)

Mango India Full Information

 Questions Answer
31Major insect-pest of mango?Mango mealy bug
Mango Hopper
Stem borer
Fruit fly
Stone weevil
32“Powdery mildew” in mango caused by?Odium mangiferae
33‘Anthracnose’ in mango caused by?Colletotrichum gloesporoides
34‘Malformation’ in mango?fusarium monilliformae
35‘Black tip’ in mango due to deficiency of?Boron
36‘Internal fruit necrosis’ in mango due to deficiency of?Boron
37Gum extract from mango due to deficiency of?Copper
38‘Leaf scorching’ in mango due to deficiency of?Potassium
39‘Spongy tissue’ in mango due to?Heat convection
40“Powdery mildew” resistant variety of mango?Lal Sinduri
41‘Anthracnose’ resistant variety of mango?Edward
42‘Malformation’ susceptible varieties of mango?Bombay green
44Clustering/ Jhumka in mango due to?
  • Low temperature
  • Improper pollination
  • Poor fertilization
45Ideal temperature for mango cultivation?24-27°C

Mango India Full Information

 Questions Answer
46The total number of flowers of mango are converted into fruits.?0.1% (1 out of 1000)
47What is the “relative density” of Dashehari variety of mango?1.02
48Best Irrigation method for mango field?Ring method
49Number of perfect (bisexual) flower highest in which variety?Langra (68.9%)
50Number of perfect (bisexual) flower lowest in which variety?Rumani (0.74%)
56Late maturing mango variety is?Fazli (Bihar)
57“Villiacoluban” mango variety used for dwarfing effect in?Alphanso (MH)
58“Olour” mango variety used to for dwarfing effect in?Langra  
59“Rumani” mango variety used to for dwarfing effect in?Dashehari (UP)
60Salt resistant root-stock of mango are?
Movandan Nekkare
61Which variety of mango known as mother of all coloured cultivars of mango and useful for making preserve?Mulgoa

Mango India Full Information

 Questions Answer
62Area % under mango production out of total fruits sowing area?34.9%
63Production % of mango out of total fruits production?21.2 %
64Which state has the highest production of mango??Uttar Pradesh (4.55MT)
65Which state has the highest area of ​​mango?
66Highest Export of Mangoes (Fresh/Dried) from India to which Country?United Arab Emirates
67Planting time of mango?June-July
68Flowering time of mango in North India?Feb.-March
69Flowering time of mango in South & west India?Nov.-Dec.
73If the temperature is high during the flowering season, then what kind of flowers are more? Bisexual flower
74Amrapali and Mallika varieties of mango developed from?IARI New Delhi
75Arka Puneet and Arka Anmol varieties of mango are developed​ from?IIHR Bangalore
76The blossoming is done for controlling​ of?Malformation
77Vapor heat treatment (VHT) is recommended for disinfection of mango against?Fruit fly 
Stone weevil
78Soil suitable for mango cultivation?Well drained loamy soil
79Which hormones are sprayed to prevent mango fruits from falling??NAA & 2,4-D
Regular bearing varieties
Off season bearing varieties
Exotic coloured cultivars varieties
JulieZiletteLangra & Dasheri
Hybrid varieties 
AmrapaliSindhuRatna & Mallika
Polyembryony varieties
BappakaiOlourMulgoa & goa
Early maturing varieties
Bombay greenAlphansoBombay yellow
Gopal Bhogkasulkhas 
Mid season Maturing varieties
Langra & DasheriGulab KhasKrishna Bhog
Late Maturing varieties
‘Spongy tissue’ resistant
Arka PuneetArka ArunaArka Anmol

Mango India Full Information

 ParentsHybrid​ (trick)
1Dasheri × Neelam Amrapali (DNA)
2Neelam × Dasheri  Mallika (NDM)
3Neelam × Alphanso Ratna (NAR)
4Ratna × Alphanso Sindhu (RAS)
5Banganpalli × Alphanso Arka Aruna (BAA)
6Alphanso × BanganpalliArka Puneet (ABA)
7Neelam × Chausa  H-59 (NCH)
8Neelam × Langra H-61 (NLH)
9Alphanso × Janardan PrasadArka Anmol (AJA)
10Amrapali. × Janardan Prasad Aam shankar 1084 (AJA)
11Totapuri × KesarSai Sugandha (TKS)

Mango India Full Information

1The normal planting space of mango?10m × 10m
2The only mutant cultivar of mango is?Rosica
3Most exported variety of mango is?Alphonso
4Seedless variety of mango is (devloped at FRS vengurula)?Sindhu
5The off season mango variety is?Niranjan
6The regular bearing varieties of mango are?Neelum, Banglora, Pairy,
7Dwarf variety of mango is?Amrapali
8Seedless variety of mango is?Sindhu
9Suitable variety for processing in mango is?Alphanso
10‘Alphanso” variety of mango is grown in?Maharastra
20Mango variety suitable for high density planting is?Amrapali
21High density planting (2.5 m × 2.5 m) of mango is done in?Amrapali variety
22Most popular variety of India?Alphanso
23Regular bearer varieties of mango?
  • Ratna,
  • Neelum,
  • Himsagar,
  • Gulab khas,
  • Pairy and Totapari
24Internal fruit necrosis in Mango is due to?Boron deficiency
25Spongy tissue is due to?Convection heats
26Internal fruit necrosis in Mango is due to?Boron deficiency
27Deblossoing is done for?Control of malformation
28Bearing habit of mango is?Terminal
29Leading Mango producing state having maximum area under mango?Uttar Pradesh
30Mango inflorescence contains, which type of flowers?Male and hermaphrodite
31Which type of incompatibility is found in mango?Gemtophytic

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Mango India Full Information

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