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Livestock Study Materials About Milk Animal Husbandry Table 2

Livestock  Study Materials about Milk

 Livestock Study Materials About Milk

Livestock  Study Materials about Milk

Subject:- Animal Husbandry

1. Specific gravity AgriExam.Com  

ProduceSpecific gravity 
Cow milk 1.028-1.030
Buffalo milk 1.030-1.032
Skimmed milk1.035-1.037

 2.Energy value of milk (per gram) AgriExam.Com 

Component Of MilkEnergy value
Fat9.3 cal/gm
Protein4.1 cal/gm
Lactose4.1 cal/gm

3.Classification of Indian Dairy Products

Method Dairy Products AgriExam.Com 
Heat desiccated milk products Khoa, Peda, Barphi
Fermented dairy ProductDahi, Lassi, Shrikhand, Chakka
Heat-Acid coagulated dairy productsPaneer, Channa, Sandesahi, Rasogulla Rasomalai
Enzyme (Rennate) coagulated milk productsCheese
Frozen dairy productsIce-cream, kulfi
Fat rich dairy productsCream, Butter, Ghee.
Dried Milk ProductsWhole milk powder, Skim milk Powder

Pasteurization:- It is done to kill all the pathogenic and most of the non-pathogenic bacteria Example Clostridium botulinum.

4.Pasteurization Methods & Required Temperature & Time 

MethodsTemperature & Time AgriExam.Com 
Low Temperature Long Time (LTLT)61-63 °c for 30 minutes
High Temperature Short Time (HTST)73 °C for 15 seconds.
Ultra High Temperature (UHT)143 °C for 1-5 seconds or 149 °C for 0.5 sec Followed by rapid cooling by 10°Cor below.

Livestock Study Materials about Milk

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Updated: 2019-11-26 — 7:06 pm

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