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1 Alternate host of bajra rust is ? Brinjal
2 Domestic quarantine exist in India for ?(www.agriexam.com) Potato wart
3 Fungicide recommended for control of Phytophthora blight of sesame? Ridomil MZ
4 The concept of minimum tillage was started in? USA
5 Organism fix nitrogen under anaerobic condition? Blue green algae
6 Potassium deficiency symptoms in plants appear in first on ? Lower most leaves
7 DAPOG method of crop raising is associated with? Nursery raising
8 Clay mineral which has highest phosphate absorbing capacity ? Kaolinite
9 The soils having more than 30 % organic matter is placed in? Histosols
10 The indicator used in determination of organic carbon from soil is? Diphenyl amine
11 Electric conductivity of saturation extract of saline-sodic soil in? more than 4.0 m mhos/cm
12 Ideal Age of brioler? 8-12 weeks
13 The stage when animal comes in heat? Pro-estrus
14 In Gujrat state meteorological center is situated at ? Ahmadabad
15 Ukai kakapara project is on the river?(www.agriexam.com) Tapi
16 Sugar as a preservative works on the principle of? Osmosis

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17 Ideal stage of harvesting of cut flowers?


Full open stage
18 The most common herbicide used for controlling of weeds in pulse crop is ? Basalin
19 Non selective herbicide ? Paraquat
20 Gas released from paddy fields is ? CH4
21 Rice is a? Short day plant
22 Most widely used of soil moisture determination is ? Gravimetric method
23 Area under dry land agriculture in India is? 60%
24 Golden rice is rich source of? Vitamin A
25 Nitrogenous fertilizer is of amide group ? Urea
26 Tomato leaf curl virus is transmitted by? White fly
27 Lateral side of thorax is called as ? Pleura
28 Fruit fly lays eggs? Inside fruit
29 ICAR was established based on the recommendation of the? Royal Commission
30 NPK proportion in balanced fertilizer is? 4:1:1
31 Variable cost is also known as?


Over head cost, 
Prime cost, 
Alternate cost
32 Eggs are produced by honey bee queen per day ? 2- 3 thousand


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