Journal of Pathology (Plant Pathology) One Liner Question 34

Journal of Pathology (Plant Pathology) Question 

Journal of Pathology (Plant Pathology) Question 

Agriculture questions for competitive exams
Journal of Pathology (Plant Pathology)

  Questions Answer
1 Book “Plant pathology” written by ? Agrios
2 Book “Microorganism in diseased plants” is written by ? A.Mahadevan
3 “Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection” published from ? Germany
4 Top sickness of tobacco is due to the deficiency of ? Boron
5 What is the source of agar agar ? Algae
6 Tea rust is caused by ?


7 Scientist Norman E.Borlaug belong to which field of agriculture ? Plant pathology
8 Which method used for producing Virus free plant ? Micro-grafting
9 Soil microorganism are most active at ? 34-36°C
10 Downy mildew of pea caused by ? Pernospora pisi
11 Phyllody disease of sesamum spread by ?  Leaf hopper
12 What is the shape of MLO ?


13 Mycoplasma cell membranes have how many layers ? 3 layers
14 The attack of sheath blight of rice is more active at ? Tillering stage
15 For the effective control of wilt, pigeon pea should be intercropped with ? Sorgam

Journal of Pathology (Plant Pathology)

Questions Answer
16 Viroids are discovered by ? Diener
17 Father of Indian mycology? E.J. Butler
18  Bacterial disease are controlled by using of which chemicals​ ? Antibiotics
19 Which is major storage fungi that affects on food grain ? Aspergillus
20 Potato viruses are spread by ?


21 Most of plant viruses transmitted by ? Aphids
22 Suicidal germination takes​ place in ? Striga
23 Which is a single cell fungi ? Yeast
24 Who discovered the downy mildew first time in India ? E J Butler
25 Vesicular Aurbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) is ? Fungi
26 Black scurf of potato is more in which type of soil ? Sandy soil
27 Which Penicillium species used in cheese making ? Penicillium roqueforti
28 Dinocap is sold in market as name of ? 


29 Largest known viroids is citrus ? Exocortosis Viroid
30 Buck eye rot is disease of which crop ? Tomato

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  1. Q 7 Norman e borlog is related to agronomy and discovered dwarf variety of crops

  2. Normen borlog completed his Ph.D. in plant pathology and genetics from the University of Minnesota in 1942. so he is relate to pathology and genetics

  3. Please upload more notes on plant pathology.

  4. Father of mycology is antonde barry

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