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History of Agriculture in India

History of Agriculture in India

History of Agriculture in India

History of Agriculture in India

Year Growth  in Agriculture Field
1947 CTRI at Rajmundry (Tobacco)/Food Policy Committee
1949 CPRI at Patna
1956 CPRI shifted to Simla
1950 IARI established at New Delhi
1951 Fertilizer factory at Bihar
1952 IISR at Lucknow (sugarcane)
1955 NDRI at Karnal (Dairy)
1956 PIRRCOM Project for intensification of regional Research on cotton, oil seeds and millets.

(Central Cotton Research Institute–Regional Centre)

1959 CAZRI at Jodhpur (Rajasthan) (Arid zone)
1960 Intensive Agriculture District Programme (IADP)
1960 IRRI, Philippines
1965 Intensive Agriculture Area Programme (IAAP)
1966 HYVP at Bangalore (Horticulture)
1969 CSSRI (Central Soil Salinity Research Institute) at Karnal (Haryana)
1970 CPCRI at Kasargod (Kerala) (Plantation crops)/Drought Prone
1971 TNAU (Tamil Nadu Agricultural University) at Coimbatore and All India Co-ordinated Project for Dry land Agriculture
1972 ICRISAT at Patancheru, Hyderabad/National Commission on Agriculture
1974 Command Area Development
1977 Training and Visit System (T&V)
1979 National Agricultural Research Project NARP
1980 Wealth Tax on Agriculture was abolished
1982 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development  (NABARD)
1985 National Agricultural Extension Project (NAEP)
1995 NRCB at Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu (Banana)
1998 National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP)
2006 (National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP)

Agricultural Growth

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