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Gram Crop All One Liner Questions

Gram Farming Questions and Answers    

Gram Farming questions and answers

Agronomy Crop

GRAM (chana)
1Botanical name is?
 Desi-Cicer aretinum
Kabuli-Cicer kabulim
3Origin ?Afghanistan
4Chromosome number?Desi-2n=14
5Plants are?
Self pollinated, C3 & Long day plant
6Fruits are known as ?Pod
7Root system?Tap root system
9Protein percent?21.1%
10Which type seed bed required?Rough seed bed
11Which disease control by gram ?Scurvy disease
12Also known as?
Chick-pea, Bengal gram, King of pulse, Horse pulse, Egyptian pea
13Sour test of leaves and pods is due to?Malic acid (96%)
Oxalic acid (4%)
14Rich source of?Calcium, iron, Niacin
15Highly susceptible for ?Frost (flowering stage)
16Seed rate required?
Desi 80-100kg/ha
Kabuli 100-120kg/ha (depth 6-8cm)
17Deep showing of protect from?Wilt disease
18Test weight?Desi 140-200 gram
Kabuli 350 gram
19Sowing time?2nd fortnight of October
20Fertilizer dose (NPK) ?30:50:60
21Critical stage for irrigation are ?Pre flowering, Pod development
22Major practices?Nipping/ topping
23Nipping in done at age?55 day after sowing (20Cm plant height)
24Which chemical used for Nipping ?TIBA (Triiodobenzoic Acid)
25Desi varieties are? 
Avrodhi, Gaurav, Aparna, Radhe, Chaffa, C-235, ICCC-2
26Kabuli varieties are?K-4,5, C-104 L-144
27Wilt resistant varieties?Avrodhi, G-24
28Mutant variety?RS-11
29Best variety for dry-land is ?C-235
30Major diseases?Wilt, Ascochyta blight
31Harmful insect-pest?Cutworm, Pod borer
32When Cultivation started of gram back to?6250 B.C.
33How much Plant Height of gram?20-100 cm
34How many flower generate from each node?Single flower
35How much % flower set as pod?Only 20-30%
36How many No. of pods in one plant?30-150
37How many No. of seeds per pod?1-3
38Desi gram is cultivated in?90% of world’s
39Crop optimum plant population is about?320000/ha
40Spacing of plants is general?30 x 10 cm
41Spacing of plants If irrigated?25 x 10 cm
42Yield of Rain fed Area?500-600 kg/ha
43Yield of Irrigated Area?20-25 q/ha


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Updated: 2021-04-17 — 11:37 am

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