Golden Point of Agriculture one Liner (119)

 Golden point of agriculture

 Golden Point of Agriculture

In this article we will discuss some important point of agriculture

Crop grown for fiber and oil? Linseed
Milling recovery in rice? 50-55%
Oil % in soybean? 20%
Olsen’s method is used to determine? Available Phosphorus in soil
Carbon present in organic matter ? 58%
C:N ratio in arable soil? 10:1
Chemical formula of Urea Fertilizer? NH2-CO-NH2
Loose smut disease of wheat is controlled by? Vitavax
Control of ear cockle of Wheat? Removal of floating seed with brine solution
Dwarf  variety of Wheat in India comes from? Mexico
Orobanchae found in? Tobacco
Herbicide used in cotton? Diuron
Rock phosphate used in ? Acidic soil
Indigenous DAP  contains? 18% N and 46% P2 o5
Nitrogen percent in CAN fertilizer? 25%
N – P fertilizers containing highest P2 o5 is? DAP
Origin of Maize? Mexico
Salt tolerant crop is? Sugar beet
Etawah project was launched in? 1948
Appetite is source of? Phosphorus and chlorine

Golden Point of Agriculture

Chlorosis of leaves is occur due to? N deficiency
First hybrid of cotton was developed in? India
Average height of plant is calculated by? Arithmetic mean
Inflorescence of sugarcane is known as? Arrow
Inflorescence of rice is known as? Pinnacle
Row to row spacing for wheat? 22.5 CM
Best soil for groundnut cultivation? Sandy + Sandy loam
In heavy black soil Which crop is grown? Cotton
Permanent wilting point occurs at? 15 bar
Drip irrigation developed​ from? Israel
Highest irrigation efficiency achieved by drip irrigation is? 80 – 90%
Annual rainfall required for Bajra crop ? 400-600 mm
Triticale is cross between? Wheat × Rye
Seed rate of wheat? 100 kg /ha
1943 famine occur in West Bengal due to? Brown leaf spot of rice
PH measures? Active acidity
Seed rate of direct seeded rice? 80Kg/ha
Ratana and RBD -2 variety of? Barley
Bragg and clark 63 are variety of? Soybean
Nursery area for rice? 0.1 hectare

Golden Point of Agriculture

Azetobacter fixes nitrogen as? Non symbiotically
Isabgol is grown for? Medicinal value
Alkaloid found in Bajra? Durin
Propagation  in nut grass by? Tubers
Striga weed is associate with ? Jowar
Association of fungi and plant root are called ? Mycorrhizae
Maximum total porosity found in? Clay soil
Water available between FC and PWP is ? Available water
Soil which have high bulk density? Sandy soil
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