General Agriculture One Liner Questions 105

General Agriculture For ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,AAO,Agriculture Supervisor, National seed Corporation and Others Competitive Exam

Agriculture Questions for Agriculture Exams icar Exam General Agriculture

General Agriculture

 Questions General Agriculture Answers
1 Physiological basis of life is? Protoplasm
2 B.T. is related to? Cotton
3 First herbicide produced in world is? 2-4,D
4 Dr. Norman E. Borlaug  awarded with Nobel prize for working on which crop? Wheat
5 The Secretary of DARE is?
Director General ICAR
6 Raising of fish(मछल पालन) is known as? Pisciculture
7 Average percent oil content in soybean is? 20%
8 The place of origin of sugarcane is ? India
9 Which  state has maximum production of fruits? Maharashtra
10 In waterlogged condition soil nitrogen is generally found in the form of? Ammonical
11 “National Demonstration” concept was implemented in the year ? 1965
12 “Operation flood II” was launched in the year ?
13 First Krishi Vigyan Kendra was established in India ? Pondicherry
14 In which country the term extension was used for the first time ? USA
15 When single major gene governs more than one character, the condition is termed as? Pleiotrophy

General Agriculture

 Questions Answers
16 Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya jabalpur was established in the year? 1964
17 SRI Method of planting is related to which crop 😕 Rice
18 Indian Agricultural Research Institute Pusa, Bihar was established in the year? 1905
19 What is sown by Corn Planter ? Maize
20 Which type of fertilizer India is fully dependent on imports? Potassic fertilizer
21 Pheromone trap attracts ? Male moth
22 Directorate of Soybean Research is located in which city of Madhya Pradesh ? Indore
23 The capacity of a soil to resist appreciable change in pH value is called? Buffering capacity
24 High yielding dwarf wheat varieties were first developed by?
Dr. Norman E. Borlaug
25 Tetrazolium test is used to determine ? Seed viability
26 Silk Production is known as ? Sericulture
27 Seedlessness in lemon is due to? Self incompatibility
28 The percentage of objectionable weed seeds in certified seeds should not be more than? 1%
29 The area covered under Horticultural crops in India is ? 10%
30 The availability of vitamins is highest in?
Fruits and Vegetable

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