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General Agricultural Question & Answer General Agricultural One Liner

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General Agricultural

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Central Zig-Zag axis of wheat is called? Rachis
Mexican dwarf wheat was evolved by ?
Dr. N. E. Borlaug
The toxic alkaloid found in the leaves of sorghum crops is?
Dhurin or HCN
CSH 1 was released as first dwarf sorghum hybrid in?
Father of agro- climatology is?
Law of minimum was given by?
Vn Liebig (1840)
Top most mineral horizon is?
A horizon
Criteria of essentiality was proposed by?
Arnon & Stout (1939)
The term fictional nutrient was proposed by?
Nicholas (1961)
In wet nursery of rice, level of water is maintained?
5 cm
The optimum depth of puddling in rice is:?
5 cm
Maximum permissible limit of biuret in urea is? 1.5%.
Carbon content in organic matter?
Pajaro is the variety of?
Bolerois the variety of?

General Agricultural  One Liner

Question Answer
Light reaction is also known as? Hill reaction
Most dangerous disease of potato ? Late blight of potato
Philology disease in plants is caused by?  Mycoplasma
Who discovered vitamin?
Regur soil refers to ?
Black soil
One ha. Cm of irrigation is equal to?
100000 litters
Highly salt tolerant cereal crop is?
Irrigation efficiency of loam soil is?
Area required for seedling preparation in depog method.?
25-30 m2
 In Mango edible part is?
Miracle rice of India as?
Starch in Wheat grain is?
Moisture content at harvesting stage in wheat is?
Richest source of Vitamin C is?
Barbadose cherry
Queen of spices is ?

General Agricultural

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