Gardenweb Horticulture One liners questions 8

Gardenweb Horticulture


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Gardenweb Horticulture

SN Questions Answer
1 “Hi-tech horticulture” published from IARI New Delhi
2 The book “Beautiful gardens”​ written by M.S. Randhawa
3 Which crop highest in production in India
4 ‘Akashin’ is a disorder in reddish due to deficiency of Boron
5 ‘Pusa Sneha’ is a variety of Sponge gourd
6 Where the Coconut Development Board is located Cochin
7 ‘Arka Suman’ is variety of Cowpea
8 ‘Punjab Kesari’ is a famous variety of Tomato
9 Headquarter of International Society for Horticultural science Belgium
10 “Kadam” tree is associated with Lord Krishna
11 Flower colour of Garden pea
12 Cloves required for planting garlic 500 kg/ha
13 “Indian Journal of Horticulture” published from IARI New Delhi
14 Brindavan Garden is located in Mysore Karnataka
15 Tulip Garden located in Srinagar

Gardenweb Horticulture

SN Questions Answer
16 First person to start gardening in India Babar
17 Clove commonly used for spices it is taken from Flower
18 Seed of carrot is known as
19 Coconut Fat is richest source of Lauric acid
20 Which is highest source of energy is Walnut
21 Sweet potato origin from Africa
22 Dr B.P. Pal associated with  Rose breeding
23 Which is the white flower variety of Rose Tushar
24 Indian Institute of vegetable Research is located Varanasi
25 ‘Asepsis’ is a method to prevent entry of Micro-organism
26 Which chemical present in turmeric Cucurmine
27 Maximum cut flower producing state in India is West Bengal
28 Saffron Kesar produced from
Style and Stigma
29 Japanese flower arrangement is known as Ikebana
30 Who is the father of Canning Nicholus appert

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