Economic Journal One Liner Question-23

Economic Journal for all agricultural exams

Economic Journal
Agricultural economics
  Questions Answer
1 Indian Economy is a ? Mixed Economy
2 An Apex institution at all India level in the field of Rural and Agricultural credit is ? NABARD
3 Which agency engaged in constructing large scale warehouse at national level is ? Central warehouse corporation
4 First “Co-operative Society Act” was passed in which year ? 1904
5 A market in which buyers and sellers are drawn from the whole world is called as ? International market
6 The term Macroeconomics and Microeconomics given by ? Ragner frisch
7 Risk bearing ability depend on ?AgriExam.Com Net worth
8 Who is the father of Economics ? Adam Smith
9 “Tilak sangh” in Rajasthan is a  ? Co-operative Marketing society 
10 District Credit plan is prepared by ? Lead Bank
11 When MPP is zero then TPP will be ? Maximum
12 When total utility is maximum then marginal utility is ? Zero 
13 Cash is a ? Working capital
14 National income generated by agriculture is calculated by ? Income and output method
15 Intelligence, skill and ability are example of ?


Internal goods

Economic Journal

Questions Answer
16 “Pilot Crop Insurance Scheme” was introduced in which year ? 1979
17 “Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme” was introduced in which year ? 1985
18 “National agricultural Insurance Scheme” was introduced in which year ? 1999
19 “Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana” introduced in which year ? 18th February 2016
20 Input-output relationship is known as ?


Production function
21 The book “A concept of agribusiness” written by ? Davis  and Goldberg
22 The book “Economic analysis of Agricultural project” was written by ? Gittinger
23 The 1st Nationalisation of commercial bank was done in which year ? 1969
24 The 2nd Nationalisation of commercial bank was done in which year ? 1980
25 Central “AGMARK” laboratory is located at ? Nagpur
26 “Theory of social change” is given by ?AgriExam.Com Hagen
27 ‘National Institute of Agricultural marketing’ is located at ? Jaipur
28 Under single Window system Co-operative marketing is under structure of ? 2 tier
29 The Government of India signed “WTO” agreement in which year ? 1994
30 Vaikunt Mehta Institute of co-operative management is located at ? Pune(1967)

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