Dg Agriculture One Liner Questions 10

Dg Agriculture One Liner Questions

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  Questions Answer
1 DNA fingerprint laboratory located in Hyderabad
2 Dibbler work efficiency is 0.15 ha/day
3 Quickly control nutrient deficiency in plants by Foliar spray
4 Boiling point of milk
5 Which insect attack on crop in field and also in storage Pulse beetle
6 Fat percent in double toned milk 1.5%
7 Indian village service start in which year 1945
8 Method used for determine lime requirement for acidic soil Shoemaker’s  method
9 Worker Honey Bee is Sterile female
10 Ideal working period of tractor 10 year
11 The term “Heterosis” given by Shull
12 First mustard hybrid variety is NRC HB 506
13 Which gene responsible for first generation of BT cotton Cry 1 AC
14 Which gene responsible for BT Cotton second generation Cry 1 Ac and Cry 2 Ab
15 Cohesion-Tension theory given by
Dixon and Jolly 1894

Dg Agriculture

  Questions Answer
16 Soil colour determined by using Munsell colour chart
17 Which crop known as camel crop Sorghum
18 Unit used for record cloud
19 Book “Plant Pathology” written by G. Agrios
20 Book “Plant Disease” written by R.S. Singh
21 Book”The disease of cultivated crops, their causes and their control” written by J.G.kunn
22 Who is the known as father of hybrid rice Yuan longping
23 Which sugar present in milk Lactose
24 Dead Heart and white ear caused by in rice crop Yellow stem borer
25 Weight of 100 seed is known as Seed index
26 Weight of 1000 seed is known as
Test weight
27 Process of decomposition of organic matter is called Humification
28 Sequence of lactometer reading 0-40
29 A + B Horizon together with called as Solum
30 A + B+ C Horizon together with called as Regolith

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