Crops Related Terminology

Crops Related Terminology

Crops related terminology Groundnut, Jute, Gram, Banana and Sugarcane, Potato and Sugarcane, sunflower, Tomato, Tobacco and Tea, Paddy, Maize

Crop and Their Related Terms

Curing Tobacco and Tea
Stripping Jute (
Nipping Gram 
Topping Cotton 
Wraping Sugarcane
Propping Banana and Sugarcane
Trashing Sugarcane 
Desuckering Tobacco and Banana 
Depog nursery Paddy
Detasselling Maize(

Crops related terminology

Pegging Groundnut
Reting Jute (
Ginning Cotton 
Stalking Tomato 
Arowing Sugarcane 
Ratooning Sugarcane 
Tipping Tea(
Earthing up Potato and Sugarcane
Standing sunflower
Lopping  Lucerne
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  1. Bushenning in Rice, blanching in cauliflower

    1. Thank you very much dear

  2. Canning in pea

    1. Thanks for giving information

  3. Marcotting in sugarcane, skiffing in tea, jerking in Baja, forking in carrot, stackling in sugarbeet ,suberization in potato, rabbing in tomato

    1. Thanks for giving information

  4. Scuffling in coffee,stripping in oil Palm,dehaulming in potato….

  5. Scuffling in coffee,dehaulming in potato… stripping in oilpalm

  6. silking in maize ,peraboiling in rice and pikking in mung ,pea.

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