Crop Protection Daily One Liner Questions-71

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Crop ProtectionCrop Protection( Plant protection)
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1 The majority of phytopathogenic fungi belong to  ? Ascomytes & Basidiomycetes
2 Causal agent of blast of rice and gray leaf spot in turfgrasses ? Magnaporthe grisea
3 Causal agent of soybean rust ?


Phakospora pachyrhizi
4 Most bacteria that are associated with plants are actually ? Saprotrophic
5 Most plant pathogenic bacteria are ? Rodshaped (bacilli)
6 Plant viruses must be transmitted from plant to plant by a ? Vector
7 Bacteria leaf blight of rice caused by  ? Xanthomonas oryzae
8 The disease caused by Leptosphaeria sacchari in sugarcane is ? Ring spot
9 Loose smut of wheat is ? Internally seed borne
10 The Karnal bunt of wheat is caused by  ? Neovossia indica
11 Sugarcane rust is caused by ? Puccinia eriathi
12 Leaf blight of wheat is caused by ? Alternaria trictinia
13 Stem rot of rice is caused by ? Sclerotium oryzae
14 Tungro disease of rice is spread by ? Nephotettix virescens
15 Ufra disease of rice is caused by ? Ditylenchus
16 Whip smut of sugarcane is caused by  ? Ustilago sciteminae
17 Red rot of sugarcane is caused by  ? Collectorichum falcatum
18 Sugarcane mosaic disease is transmitted by ? Rhopalosiphum maidis
19 Disease also known as “Killer Disease of Wheat” is  ? Black/ Stem rust
20 Akiochi disease is due to  ?( Sulphur toxicity
21 White rust of crucifers is caused by  ? Albugo candida
22 Crop showing maximum resistance to nematode is ? Marigold
23 Iris famine in 1845 ,was caused due to ? Phytophothora infestance

Crop Protection

Questions Answers
24 Father of Indian Pathology is ?  E.J.Butler
25 Bengal femine 1943 / brown spot of rice is caused by ? Helminthosporium oryzae
26 Life cycle of wheat rust is given by ?  K. C. Mehta
27 The pathogen associated with the discovery of Bordeaux mixture is ? Plasmosphora viticola
28  First bacterial disease known as fire blight of pear was reported for first time from USA by ? T. J . Burill
29 Udabatta disease of rice is due to ? Ephelis oryzae
30 Ring rust of Aonla is caused by ? Ravenellia emblica var. fructoidae
31 Frog eye leaf spot of tobacco is caused by ? Cercospora nicotianae (Fungus)
32 Leaf blight of cotton is caused by  ? Alternaria macrospora
33 Father of Microbiology is? Louis Pasteur
34 Bacterium was discovered by ?( Anton Leewenhock
35 Father of Modern Plant Pathology is ? Anton de Berry
36 Bordeaux mixture was developed by  ? P.M.A.Millardet
37 Central Plant Protection Training Institute is situated at ? Hyderabad (A.P.)
38 Integrated pest control ( IPM) term was coined by ? Bartlett (1956)
39 The term “Pest Management” was given by  ? Geier (1970)
40 Father of Insect Physiology is  ? Wiggelworth
41 DDT was discovered by ? Paul Hermann Muller
42 First insecticide discovered was ? DDT
43 Plant Protection and Quarantine Act was passed in the year ? 1912
44 Insecticide Act was passed in ?( 1968


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