Chilli Agriculture Daily One Liner Questions-47

Chilli , Agriculture questions for competitive exams



  Questions Answer
1 Botanical name? Capsicum annum(Simla mirch)
Capsicum fruitscens
2 Family? Solanaceae
3 Origin?


Brazil (South America)
4 Chromosome number? 2n=24
5 Fruit type? Berry
6 Flower type? Hermaphrodite
7 Chili plant are? Day neutral plant & Often cross pollinated
8 Chili good source of? Calcium 
9 Red colour of chili due to ? Capsaithin
10 Pungency in Chili due to ? Capsaicine
11 Seed rate of chili ? 1-1.5 kg
12 Seed rate of hybrid Chili ? 250 gram
13 Nursery area required for tomato ? 100-125 M²/ha
14 Containt in dry Chili are?



15 Which chemical used for controlling fruit droping ? NAA & Tricontinol

Questions Answer
16 Capsicum (shimla mirch) also known as ? Sweet pepper
17 Chili also known as? Hot pepper
18 Climate required for chili? Hot and humid
19 Chili tolerate for?  Frost
20 Required fertilizer dose for chili  (NPK) ? 80:40:40
21 Sweet pepper varieties are?
California wonder
Yolo wonder
Golden wonder
Arka Mohini
Arka Gaurav
22 Sweet pepper hybrid varieties are? Pusa Deepti
Green gold
Early Bounty
23 Chili varieties are? Kalyanpur yellow
Arka Lohit
24 Chili hybrid varieties are?


Pusa Jwala
Punjab Lal
Andhra Jyoti
25 Mutant variety of Chili ? MDU-1
26 Fruit rot registrant variety of chili ? K-2
27 Leaf curl resistant varieties of chili ? Pusa Sadabahar


28 Leaf curl, TMV, Wilt and die-back varieties of chilli? Punjab Lal
Punjab Surakh
29 Dangerous diseases of chili? Damping off
Powdery mildew
Leaf curl
30 Harmful insect-pest of chilli field? Trips

Questions Answer
1 Green Chilli production in 2016-17 in India? 3.63 MT
2 Chilli Sowing area in 2016-17 in India? 3.16 Lakh/ha
3 Which country highest producer of Green Chilli ? China
4 Which state highest producer and highest sowing area of Chilli ?


Andhra Pradesh(46.08%)

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