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Daily One Liner Questions-66

Questions & Answers For Your Exams​  Online study General Horticulture Writer;-THENNARASU TN Questions Answer 1 The cultivation practice is adopted in market vegetable gardening  ? Intensive 2 Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture promotes greenhouse technologies under which component?( Protected cultivation 3 ….. is a fragrant species of jasmine which has a high commercial value ? […]


Online Study Vegetables Varieties 1 Tomato Pusa RubyArka VikasPunjab ChuaraPusa SheetalHisar LalitParker SL-120Flar savr 2 Brinjal Pusa Purple LongPant SamratAzad KrantiBlack BeautyArka SheelPant RiturajPusa BinduPusa UpkarPusa BhairavAlka NavneetAnnamalaiArka Keshav 3 Chilli California WonderArka MohiniAndhra JyothiPusa JwalaJwalamukhiArka LohitBhaskarPunjab LalMathania LongBharat 4 Cabbage Golden AcreCopenhagen MarketPride of IndiaPusa DrumheadPusa MutkaPusa RatnarPusa Red 5 Cauliflower Pusa Early SyntheticEarly […]


Online study resources GARDENS LOCATED 1 Lalbagh Bangalore (Karnataka) 2 Brindavan Garden Mysore (Karnataka) 3 Sim’s Park Conoor (TN) 4 Byrant Park Kodaikanal  (TN) 5  Botanical Garden Coimbatore (TN) 6 The Indian Botanical Garden Kolkata (West Bengal) 7 Lyod Botanical Garden Darjeeling (West Bengal) 8 National Botanical Garden Lucknow (UP) 9 Rashtrapati Bhavan Garden New […]

Daily One Liner Questions-63 (pomegranate )

Farming questions and answers  Online study  HorticulturePomegranate Questions Answer 1 Botanical name ? Punica granatum 2 Family?( Punicaceae/ Lythraceae 3 Origin ? Iran 4 Chromosome number ? 2n=16 5 Fruit type of pomegranate ? Balusta 6 Inflorescence known as? Hypanthium 7 Edible part of pomegranate is? Juicy seed coat 8 Commercial propagation method for pomegranate? […]

Daily one liner question 51

Farming questions and answers  Online study  Horticulture   MANGO(2) Questions Answer 1 Major insect-pest of mango? ( Mango mealy bugMango HopperStem borerFruit flyStone weevil 2 “Powdery mildew” in mango caused by? Odium mangiferae 3 ‘Anthracnose’ in mango caused by ? Colletotrichum gloesporoides 4 ‘Malformation’ in mango ? fusarium monilliformae 5 ‘Black tip’ in mango due to […]

Daily One Liner Questions-47

Online study resources, Agriculture questions for competitive exams HORTICULTURE CHILLI Questions Answer 1 Botanical name? Capsicum annum(Simla mirch)Capsicum fruitscens 2 Family ? Solanaceae 3 Origin ?( Brazil (South America) 4 Chromosome number? 2n=24 5 Fruit type? Berry 6 Flower type? Hermaphrodite 7 Chilli plant are? Day neutral plant & Often cross pollinated 8 Chilli good […]

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