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Agriculture MCQ Exams For Competition Exam

Agriculture MCQ Exams Agriculture Competition Exam FCI , CWC National Seed Corporation The most expensive but also the most efficient method of irrigation is? Sprinkler Irrigation Furrow Irrigation Drip Irrigation Basin irrigation World water day is observed on? March 21 March 22 June 21 June 22 The instrument used to measure the speed of wind […]

MCQ Agriculture Exams For Competition Exam

MCQ Agriculture Exams Agriculture Competition Exam Modern tools attached to tractors to save labour & time are called? Hoe Plough Harrow Cultivator Organisms such as Fungi & Bacteria are used to destroy weeds. Such biological agents are called? Fungicides Bio weedicides Herbicides Insecticides Nodules with Nitrogen fixing Bacteria are found in the roots of? Wheat […]