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AGRICULTURAL LAND-USE STATISTICS  Agricultural Land by use in India (In Million Hectares) S.No. Classification 2000-01 2014-15 I. Geographical Area 328.73 328.73 II. Reporting Area for Land Utilisation Statistics 305.19 307.82 1. Forest 69.84 71.79 2. Not Available for Cultivation (A+B) 41.23 43.88 (A) Area Under Non-agricultural Uses 23.75 26.88 (B) Barren & Un-culturable Land 17.48 […]

History of Agriculture

OUR JOURNEY IN AGRICULTURE History of Agriculture Indian Agriculture History After Independence 1947 Central Tobacco Research Institute established at Rajmundry, (Andhra Pradesh). Central Marine Fishers Research Institute established at Cochin (Shifted to Mandapam in 1949). Central Island Fisheries Station (now an Institute) established at Barrackpore (West Bengal). 1949 Turlock Singh invents the concept of standard acre. […]

History of Agriculture in India

History of Agriculture in India History of Agriculture in India Year Growth  in Agriculture Field 1947 CTRI at Rajmundry (Tobacco)/Food Policy Committee 1949 CPRI at Patna 1956 CPRI shifted to Simla 1950 IARI established at New Delhi 1951 Fertilizer factory at Bihar 1952 IISR at Lucknow (sugarcane) 1955 NDRI at Karnal (Dairy) 1956 PIRRCOM Project […]

Agriculture Research Centre

Agriculture Research Centre National Research Centre National Research Centre Location 1 National Research Centre for Banana Trichi(TN) 2 National Research Centre for Grapes Pune (Maharashtra) 3 National Research Centre for Litchi Muzaffarpur (Bihar) 4 National Research Centre for Pomegranate Solapur (MH) 5 National Research Centre on Camel Bikaner (RJ) 6 National Research Centre on Equines […]

Agriculture Project & Bureau By ICAR

Agriculture Project Directorates/ Project Directorates Directorates/ Project Directorates Location 1 Directorate of Groundnut Research Junagarh (Gujarat) 2 Directorate of Soybean Research Indore (MP) 3 Directorate of Rapeseed and Mustard Research Bharatpur(RJ) 4 Directorate of Mushroom Research Solan (HP) 5 Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research Pune (Maharashtra) 6 Directorate of Cashew Research Puttur (AP) 7 […]

Agriculture university In India

Agriculture university Central Agricultural Universities-3 Central Agricultural Universities Location (State) 1 Central Agricultural University Imphal (Manipur) 2 Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University Jhansi (UP) 3 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University Pusa,Samastipur (Bihar) Deemed Universities Deemed Universities Location 1 ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute New Delhi 2 ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute Karnal(Haryana) 3 ICAR-Indian Veterinary […]

Agriculture Sector Committee & Commission

IMPORTANT COMMITTEE AND COMMISSION IN AGRICULTURE Some Important Committee Agriculture Sector COMMITTEE YEAR Cotton committee 1921 Lac committee ( 1931 Jute committee 1936 Sugarcane  committee 1944 Coconut committee 1945 Tobacco  committee 1945 Oil seed committee 1947 Arecanut  committee 1949 Spices committee & Cashew nut committee 1958  Some Famous Committee Agriculture Sector COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION OF Balwant Rai […]