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Agriculture Project & Bureau By ICAR

Agriculture Project Directorates/ Project Directorates Directorates/ Project Directorates Location 1 Directorate of Groundnut Research Junagarh (Gujarat) 2 Directorate of Soybean Research Indore (MP) 3 Directorate of Rapeseed and Mustard Research Bharatpur(RJ) 4 Directorate of Mushroom Research Solan (HP) 5 Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research Pune (Maharashtra) 6 Directorate of Cashew Research Puttur (AP) 7 […]

Agriculture Sector Committee & Commission

IMPORTANT COMMITTEE AND COMMISSION IN AGRICULTURE Some Important Committee Agriculture Sector COMMITTEE YEAR Cotton committee 1921 Lac committee 1931 Jute committee 1936 Sugarcane  committee 1944 Coconut committee 1945 Tobacco  committee 1945 Oil seed committee 1947 Arecanut  committee 1949 Spices committee & Cashew nut committee 1958  Some Famous Committee Agriculture Sector COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION OF Balwant Rai […]

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