BSC Agriculture Entrance Exam One Liner Questions (118)

BSC Agriculture Entrance Exam

Agriculture Question & Answer Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture 30 One Liner Question

BSC Agriculture Entrance Exam

Question Answer
Horizontal flow of water in channel is called as?
Vertical movement of water in soil is known as?
PF value was first time introduced by?
In saline soil the method for irrigation is used?
Flood method
The arrangement of soil particles and their aggregate into certain defined is called? 
soil structure
Soils which are unsuitable for sugarcane are?
Saline soils
Best soil for Ground nut cultivation?
 ‘O’ horizon is absent in?
Arable soils
Top most mineral horizon is?
‘A’ horizon
The formula of porosity of soil is? 
porosity =100-(bulk density / Particle density )
Portion of capillary water lying between field capacity (1/3 atm) and wilting coefficient (15 atm) is known as?
Available water
Recently formed soil order is?
Total pore space is highest in?
Clay soils
Mechanical analysis of soils separation is done by?
Hydrometric method
The best soil for cultivation of cotton? 
Black cotton soil

BSC Agriculture Entrance Exam

Question Answer
Maximum Eluviation horizon is seen in horizon?
E horizon
Illuviation horizon is?
B horizon
The soils which are most suitable for most of the crops are?
Sandy loams
Physical property which can’t be changed is?
Soil texture
Particle more than 250mm in diameter is known as?
Diameter of coarse sand particle is?
0.2 – 2mm
Diameter of fine sand particle is?
0.02- 0.2 mm
Diameter of silt particle is?0
.02 – 0.002 mm
Diameter of clay particle is?
Less than 0.002 mm
The water held up to the tension about 31 atm is known as?
Hygroscipic coefficient
Kaolinite is a type of mineral?
1 : 1 type
Montmorillonite is a type of mineral?
2 : 1 type expanding type mineral
Vermiculate is ____________ a type of mineral?
Limited expanding 2:1 type mineral
Micas are type of mineral?
Non Expanding type mineral
Chlorites are type of mineral?
2:1:1 type mineral

BSC Agriculture Entrance Exam

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