Bsc Agriculture One Liner Questions 100

Bsc Agriculture ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,Agriculture supervisor and Others Competitive ExamBsc Agriculture   Bsc Agriculture Questions & Answers

Questions  Answers
1 Sorghum crop is considered as “Camel Crop” because of ?
Resistance to drought
2 “Central sheep breeding farm” is located at ? Hisar
3 Which crop is considered as the “King of Fodder” crops ? Berseem
4 “Milk and Milk products Act” was passed in the year ? 1992
5 The origin of black gram is ? India
6 Agricultural extension is a ? State subject
7 In Madhya Pradesh “Farm machinery training and Testing Institute” was located at ? Budni
8 The element which improves the quality of fruits is ? Potassium
9 In Tamilnadu “Cattle breeding farm” is located at ? Alamadi
10 Which country number one in the world fruit production ? China
11 The ratio of male plant in papaya plantation should be ?
12 In India the first outbreak of Avian influenza was reported in the year ? 2006
13 Who will be designated as the President of ICAR ? Union Minister of agriculture
14 Stooling is a common method of propagation in ? Guava
15 One Bale weight of jute ? 180 kg

Bsc Agriculture

Questions Answers
16 In Haryana “Farm machinery training and Testing Institute” was established at ? Hisar
17 “National Water Grid” was proposed by ? K.L. Rao
18 ‘Puffiness’ is a several physiological disorder seen in ?
19 At NDRI-Karnal ‘Garima’ a cloned buffalo calf was born on ? 6 June 2009
20 Highest rubber producing state in India ? Kerala
21 “National Research Centre” on seed spices is located at ? Ajmer
22 Largest contributor commodity in agricultural imports is ? Edible oil
23 The ratio of leaf area to ground area is called ? Leaf area index
24 “National agricultural science museum” is located ? New Delhi
25 “Directorate of marketing and inspection” is located at ? Faridabad
26 ‘Pusa-Nanha’ is a mutant variety of ? Papaya
27 ‘Pashmina’ wool is obtained from ? Goat
28 “National Bamboo Mission” was started in the year ? 2006-07
29 In Cucurbits, Which crop is dioecious in nature ?
Pointed gourd
30 The world’s first cotton hybrid H4 was developed by ? CT, Patel

Bsc Agriculture

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